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Mud is a Fluid in Where's My Water?. Mud is the fifth fluid introduced to the player, first appearing in Out to Dry, which is its only appearance.


  • Basics
    • Mud has much more unique properties compared to other fluids. Mud has different stages, at first, it is wet and red in colour, but it will begin to dry out, turning brown in colour before becoming Dirt. Mud has a normal consistency in terms of movement. It behaves the same as Water and Poison Water. If Mud enters Swampy's, Allie's or Cranky's pipe, the level is failed. Mud will also kill any Ducks.
  • Reactions with Fluids
    • When mixed with Water or Poison Water, the Water/Poison Water is contaminated and turned into Mud. Both the existing and new Mud will be in the wettest form.
    • When mixed with Ooze, the two corrode each other. A minimum of one drop of both Fluids is required for this to happen. Both fluids will be consumed.
    • When Steam floats on top of Mud, Mud remains wet and will not dry out.
  • Notable Reactions with Objects
    • Mud sits on top of Algae.
    • Mud has no reaction with Hot Coals.
    • Mud can be held by Balloons. When the Balloon is popped, Mud in its driest form comes out.
    • When Mud comes into contact with a Mud Patch, the Mud Patch is consumed but does not effect the Mud.

Character Reactions


  • Mud is the only fluid that appears in Where's My Water? but not Where's My Water? 2.
  • In Version 1.7.0, when Mud comes into contact with Poison Water, it will turn into Poison Water.
  • In Version 1.9.0 or earlier, Mud has two different reactions:
  • The only Cranky levels with mud are Levels of the Week.


Description Sound
Mud mixes with Water
Mud mixes with Ooze
Mud Dries (Small Quantity)
Mud Dries (Large Quantity)
Mud is Released from a Pipe
Mud enters Swampy's pipe