Mud is the fifth fluid used in Where's My Water?. It was first introduced in the episode, Out to Dry along with the Mystery Duck. It is a brown

Muddy Water

liquid that once dried (or if it goes too long without being drenched in water) becomes dirt. It can be created in two ways (excluding pipes):

A.) If water touches a "Mud Patch".


B.) If (already) Mud touches normal water.

  • This fluid is dark brown when it's at it's wettest, and will become a more dirt color as it dries. It's affect on water while it's still in liquid form is similar to that of Poison Water, though unlike poison water, it doesn't destroy Algae, but treats it like a normal obstacle.
  • If mud touches ooze, it will act like when water and ooze touch.
  • If in a balloon, it cannot dry out completely, it can only dry out enough to harden almost instantly.
  • If mud comes in contact with Steam, the mud will remain in its wettest form,even though, the steam will go through the mud instead of disappearing.
  • If mud touches Poison Water, the fluid will mix into mud which makes it turn fully wet. The whole body of Poison Water will then become wet mud, like when mud reacts to Water.
    • The 1st phase when mud touches poison.
    • The 2nd phase.
  • If mud touches hot rocks, the mud will dry instantly.
  • It will destroy ducks if it touches them, much like Poison Water, (Regular Water if it's with Cranky Ducks) and Ooze.

The pipe type it comes out results in whether it's near dried (Brown Wheel),or fully wet (gray wheel, Converter with Brown background & a white splatter). When in a regular spout pipe (Of which MUD'S pipe would valve will be BROWN), The Mud will dry the instant it hit's something (unless it hit's water or poison water) (the same affect happens if it's in a BALLOON, how ever, if coming out of a CONVERSION pipe, it will start out wet..


  • It is the only fluid that will change by itself.
  • It's also the only fluid that behaves differently depending on the pipe it comes out of.
  • Swampy and Cranky both react to mud as if it was ooze, Swampy will rocket of the tub and groan as if disgusted and Cranky kicks his food as if has been turned to stone.