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Mickey Stars are a Star in Where's My Mickey? first appearing in When Life Gives You Lemons.


  • Mickey Stars are only found in Mickey levels. A total of three appear in each level.
  • A player is not required to collect any Mickey Stars in order to move onto the next level.
  • Mickey Stars require five drops of Water to be collected. Fizzle will kill the stars.


  • Normally, Mickey Stars are a yellow five-pointed star with black eyes and a simple smile face. This face shows when there are no Fluids near the star.
  • While excited, Mickey Stars smile. The star's tongue can be seen. This face shows when there is Water near the star.
  • While happy, Mickey Stars have a larger smile with their teeth visible. This face shows when the star is filling.
  • While sad, Mickey Stars have simple sad face. This face is shown when the Star has been partially filled.
  • While disappointed, Mickey Stars frown with a straight face. This face shows when nearby Water moves away.
  • While scared, Mickey Stars open their mouths. This face shows when Fizzle is nearby.


Description Sound
Mickey Star is Collected
Mickey Star is Filled
Mickey Star is Killed