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For the sequel game equivalent, see Swampy Mega Duck.
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The Mega Duck is one of the three variations of ducks used in the Mystery Duck's Story.


  • If not a Mystery Duck or a bunch of Ducklings, the big, sponge-like water soaking duck will take the spotlight and challenge the player on a Swampy level.
  • The player is required to collect the Mega Duck before moving onto the next level. In addition, a certain number of Mystery Ducks must be collected in order to unlock more chapters in the Mystery Duck's Story. Completing one level counts as one, regardless of whether it contains a Mystery Duck, a Mega Duck or Ducklings. Alternatively, the player can use the Locksmith Duck.
  • The Mega Duck requires twenty drops of Water to be collected. All other fluids, except Steam will kill the duck.


  • The Mega Duck is an inflated duck with a small beak, eyes and wings.
  • While full, the Mega Duck's body is yellow with an orange beak and white eye.
  • While empty, the Mega Duck is desaturated.


Description Sound
Mega Duck is Collected
Mega Duck is Filled
Mega Duck is Killed


  • A Mega Duck level requires the most amount of water, requiring a total of 40 drops of water.
    • One Swampy Duck requires five drops of water. There are three per level, which totals to 15 drops of water.
    • The Mystery Duck requires 5 drops of water. One per level.
    • One Duckling requires 1 drop of water. There are ten per level, which totals to 10 drops of water.
    • The Mega Duck requires 20 drops of water. One per level.
      • Each level requires an additional 20 drops of water in total. This adds to 35 drops of water for a normal level, 25 for a Mystery Duck level, 30 for a Duckling level, and 40 for a Mega Duck level.