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Meet Swampy (episode)
Episode 1
Airdate October 18, 2012
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Meet Swampy is the first episode of Where's My Water: Swampy's Underground Adventures. It was released on October 18, 2012.


The episode begins with Swampy taking a shower, as usual, when he discovers a fire extinguisher that somehow gets into his shower. He decides to examine the object. While looking at the label on the extinguisher, Swampy gets an idea.

The scene goes to a different part of the sewers with Cranky and Allie. Swampy appears, ready to impress with his new idea. As he pulls the rope on his fire extinguisher, he rockets across the top, passing all of the alligators. After a short time, he starts to fly around uncontrollably, but he quickly fixes it as he flies back the other way, taking Allie along for the ride. As they fly out of the sewer and up to the sky, the extinguisher runs out of air. The two fall, but land onto a mattress. Allie lands safely, while Swampy ends up making a big hole inside the mattress. However it then seems that Swampy has made a new discovery: using the springs from the mattress to bounce high. The episode ends with Swampy doing so, but then crashing making Allie worried.




  • At least five other alligators


  • This is the first time the alligators leave the sewer.