Chapter Meet Swampy
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Meet Swampy Cutscene

Meet Swampy is the first chapter in Swampy's Story. In this chapter, you will meet the sewer alligator Swampy. This level pack will help you start your journey to give Swampy water for his shower and learn the skills to move on into more challenging levels. The next chapter is Troubled Waters.
Wheres My Water - Level 1 - Meet Swampy Tri-Duck

Wheres My Water - Level 1 - Meet Swampy Tri-Duck

You are introduced to


1-1: First Dig

1-2: A Rock is a Hard Place

1-3: Choose Wisely

1-4: Do a Sweet Jump

1-5: It'll Grow On You

1-6: Deep Dig

1-7: Drain It First

1-8: Clear the Way

1-9: Mixing Bowl

1-10: Split Decision

1-11: Divert

1-12: Divide & Conquer

1-13: Order of Operations

1-14: Loop the Loop

1-15: Conveyor Belt

1-16: Three Scoops

1-17: Off Track

1-18: Flip the Switches

1-19: Seesaw

1-20: Drawbridge


  • In the first version of the chapter art, when it gets to Swampy, the shower curtain is closed, showing Swampy’s silhouette, but in later versions, Swampy was just about to start his shower by stepping in with Ducky.