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For the Object that unlocks in Lanterns in the Sky, see Flying Lantern.
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Lanterns are used in Wolfie levels.


  • Lanterns are found in Wolfie levels. A total of three appear in each level.
  • A player is not required to collect any Lanterns in order to move onto the next level, however, a certain number of Lanterns are required to unlock other chapters within Wolfie's Story unless the player unlocks them with In-App purchases.
  • Lanterns require five drops of Oil to be collected. All other Fluids will break Lanterns.


  • While full, Lanterns are brown with a flame producing yellow light.
  • When empty, the Lanterns are also brown but the glass is grey.


Description Sound
Lantern is Collected
Lantern is Filled
Lantern is Broken