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For the Wolfie Bell equivalent, see Lantern.
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Kongming Lanterns are an Object in Where's My XiYangYang? first appearing in Lanterns in the Sky. They do not appear in Where's My Water? Featuring XYY, as Lanterns in the Sky does not appear in that game.


  • Kongming Lanterns behave similarly to Steam Balloons from Where's My Water? in terms of movement.
  • When they bump a Switch, the Switch will be activated.
  • When a dimmed Kongming lantern on the ground is tapped, it will light up and start floating upward.
  • When a Kongming lantern is tapped, it will pop and burn any Wood or Vines in its radius.
  • When Oil collides with it, the Kongming lantern will burst and the Oil will be burnt into Hot Oil.
  • When Toxic Water collides with it, an explosion occurs. The Kongming lantern is burst.