JellyCar 3 Appreciation (also known as the JellyCar Level) is a secret level in Where's My Water. It is only known to be available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch version of the game. To unlock the level, the player must have JellyCar 3 installed on their device, then the level can be found in the Where's My Water credits by tapping on the Jelly Car driving behind Swampy.


Secret Level - JellyCar 3 Appreciation (Where's My Water? Free Paid)

Secret Level - JellyCar 3 Appreciation (Where's My Water? Free Paid)

Like the bonus levels in Where's My Water, this level's goal is not to get water to Swampy's shower, but to obtain the 3 Swampy Ducks in the level with the water within the time limit of 45 seconds.

To start the level, the player must dig the dirt at the top where the water is to make it come out. After the water is out, the player must tilt the device to get through the spinners and obtain the first two ducks. Then, to get the last duck, the player must dig a path through the dirt to make it accessible, then they must tilt the device slightly left to direct the water shooting out of the spinner to the duck.


  • This level is not known to be available in the Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8, or BlackBerry 10 versions of Where's My Water. JellyCar 3 has not been released for the latter three platforms, but JellyCar 3 has since been released for Android; it is still unknown however if the level is now available in the Android version of WMW.
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