Hunger Pains is the second chapter of Cranky's Story.
Chapter Hunger Pains
 The prevoius is Cranky's First Course and the next is Bulking Up.


C2-1: Down the Stairs

C2-2: Dumbwaiter

C2-3: Recycle

C2-4: Convert 'em!

C2-5: Rendezvous

C2-6: Push Up

C2-7: Bridging the Gap

C2-8: Spin the Dials

C2-9: Mid-air Collision

C2-10: Recontamination

C2-11: Volcano

C2-12: Skipping Stones

C2-13: Barricade

C2-14: Vicious Cycle

C2-15: Pipe Cleaner

C2-16: Worthless Water

C2-17: Bridge Over Troubled Waters

C2-18: Layer Cake

C2-19: Aqua Tool

C2-20: Make It, Break It
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Hunger Pains Cutscene


It's Cranky's birthday but he is still hungry! The green algae refuses to leave Cranky at peace so he still needs your help. You must guide the Poison Water to Cranky through 20 more levels that will set your brain into overdrive. To do this you must use everything you have used in the past so that Cranky can enjoy his brithday lunch!