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Hot Coals are an object in Where's My Water? 2 first appearing in the Beach.


  • Hot Coals are primarily used to convert Water and Purple Water into Steam.
  • A single drop of Ooze can corrode a single coal.
  • Balloons pop when they fall on Hot Coals.
  • Hot Coals can be destroyed by the explosion of Bombs.


Description Sound
Water or Purple Water is converted into Steam


  • If Hot Coals are the only way to make Steam but all of them are eliminated in an Allie level (provided that there is no Steam onscreen), the player fails.
  • Hot Coals are a particle in the game files, like Algae. This allows them to be destroyed bit by bit with ooze.
  • The original texture of Hot Coals are in shades of grey, and the game re-colours them to give them the fiery glow.