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The main cast of Where's My Water?: Swampy's Underground Adventures. From left to right, Pushy and Shovey, Allie, Cranky, Karl, Swampy

. But they are look-like caimans.

The sewer alligators,also known as crocodiles appeared on Where's My Water?: Swampy's Underground Adventures.

Main characters


Main article: Swampy

This alligator is the main charater of the series, he enjoys showers, having fun, and his rubber duck.


Main article: Cranky

This alligator is really huge, very hungry, and dislikes Swampy.


Main article: Allie

This alligator is a female and has deep affections for Swampy. She can be heard with a Western accent. Also she like music.

Secondary characters


Main article: Karl

This alligator appears to be very dumb, and has a goofy personality. He seems to have a similar appetite to Cranky, as he eats almost everything in the show, which is a running gag.

Pushy and Shovey

Main article: Pushy and Shovey

Pushy and Shovey are alligators who have a personal hatred for each other. Unknown who is Pushy and who's Shovey!

Supporting and Recurring characters


The main character in the fanmade Drinky's Story. He was born on October 8 2012.

Mother gator

Aside from Allie, the only other female alligator seen in the series is an alligator wearing blue eye shadow who can be seen talking with Allie in the picture for Hunger Pains, and again in Change is Good (episode), where she lets Swampy hold her egg - which later hatches - during his campaign for cleanliness in the sewer. She also appeared in the crowd, watching Swampy. She was born on April 21, 1987. She also appeared in a cutscene in Where's My Water 2 at the Soap Factory running the duck machine


A baby alligator that hatched from his egg in Change is Good (episode). Unlike other alligators, he is a baby. He was born on November 2 2012.

Forest Feather

She was watching Swampy in the show, in Change is Good (episode). She was born October 31, 2000.

Grassy Meadows

He watched Swampy in the show in Change is Good (episode). He was born December 19 1999.

E1 Unnamed male alligator 2

This's an alligator watching Swampy rocket in Meet Swampy (episode). He was born on December 7 1997.

E1 Unnamed male alligator 2

This's an alligator watching Swampy rocket in Meet Swampy (episode). He was born on November 3 2001.

E1 Unnamed female alligator 1

This's an alligator watching Swampy rocket in Meet Swampy (episode). She was born on April 5 1990.


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