Food Groups is a bonus in Cranky's Story. It's similar to Swampy's Collectibles. It shows you all of the 'food' that Cranky eats. There are 9 food groups. In each chapter you will be able to find two sets. The first set is already filled out.

List of Food

Food Groups Starter

Starter Food


  • Steak- "Chewy."
  • Chicken Drumstick- "Easy to hold."
  • Fish- "Not a lot to eat, but the bones make a great toothpick."
Food Groups Cranky's First Course

Cranky's First Course



Food Groups Hunger Pains

Hunger Pains


  • Telephone- Can be found in C2-3, Recycle. "An ancient dish, this one may ring a bell with your grandparents."
  • Boot- Can be found in C2-5, Rendezvous. "Rough."
  • Hair Dryer- Can be found in C2-8, Spin the Dials. "Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot!"


  • Safe- Can be found in C2-11, Volcano. "A rich meal, with a hard outer layer and a soft green filling."
  • Can- Can be found in C2-14, Vicious Cycle. "Sharp."
  • Chest- Can be found in C2-16, Worthless Water. "Tough."
Food Groups Bulking Up

Bulking Up


  • Burger- Can be found in C3-3, Waterfall. "Soggy."
  • Fries- Can be found in C3-6, Raincatcher. "Pointy."
  • Soft Drink- Can be found in C3-9, Gusher. "Mouthwatering."


  • Plunger- Can be found in C3-11, Boxed In. "Rubbery."
  • Brush- Can be found in C3-14, Unleash the Ooze. "Scratchy."
  • Toilet Paper- Can be found in C3-17, Cross the Streams. "This dish sucks up the flavor of whatever it surrounds."
Food Groups Overstuffed



  • Paper Hat- Can be found in C4-2, Don't Be Greedy. "Lightly browned."
  • Anchor- Can be found in C4-4, Acid Rain. "Weighs me down."
  • Pirate Hat- Can be found in C4-7, Water Catcher. "False Advertising- this food's boneless!"



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