Fluids are used in the Main Games and the Spin-Offs

List of Fluids


Main article: Water

The main fluid of Swampy's Story, used to full Swampy's bathtub, turned into Poison Water upon touching it making the fluid go bigger, grows Algae upon contact.

Poison Water

Main article: Poison Water

Used to be used to clear the Algae so Water or itself can pass or to clear it on Cranky's food. To turn it back to clean water, you need to let it go to the hot rocks, and evaporate and get to icicles, to turn back into water.

Toxic Ooze

Main article: Toxic Ooze

The third fluid of Swampy's story, turns into rocks, or rarely clears it, when touching Algae. Ooze will defeat Hot Rocks.


Main article: Steam

THE only Fluid that goes up instead of down