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Evil Gnomes are a Gnome in Where's My Perry? first appearing in No Agent Left Behind.


  • Evil Gnomes are found in Doof levels. A total of three appear in each level.
  • A player is not required to collect any Gnomes in order to move onto the next level, however, a certain number of Evil Gnomes are required to unlock other Evil Missions within Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated unless the player uses the Lockpickinator.
  • Evil Gnomes require five drops of Sludge to be collected. All other Fluids, except Steam and Inator beams will kill the Gnome.


  • Evil Gnomes have the shape of a Lawn Gnome that is the same as the Water Gnome.
  • While full, Evil Gnomes have a purple hat, eye and shoes. Its clothes are green, its beard is white and it has pale skin.
  • While empty, Evil Gnomes appear in various shades of green, with the exception of its eye which is still purple.


Description Sound
Evil Gnome is Collected
Evil Gnome is Filled
Evil Gnome is Killed