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Evil Agents were the Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated version of Secret Files. Unlike the secret files, only three could be found per mission.

List of Evil Agents

Evil Agents Other A.png

Starter Evil Agents (Things I Found Around the House)

  • Evil Agent R (Radio) "Height: Reached it in the late '80s. Hobbies: Singing, traffic reporting, arguing about politics. Evil Abilities: Plays the same 40 songs, over and over and over."
  • Evil Agent M (Microwave) "Wait: About two minutes for a pizza. Hobbies: Cooking, Glowing, Spinning. Evil Abilities: Always burns popcorn, never fully cooks anything else."
  • Evil Agent C (Chair) "Weight: On it all the time. Strengths: Sturdy friend, supports others. Weaknesses: Folds under pressure."

Evil Agents In the Hot Seat A.png

In the Hot Seat (Things I Found On My Desk)

  • Evil Agent AC (Alarm Clock) - Could be found in level 1-2, Divide and Conquer. "Aliases: "Noooo!", "5 more minutes!" Hobbies: Counting, Playing music (only twice a day). Evil Abilities: Banshee wail."
  • Evil Agent LT (Laptop) - Could be found in level 1-4, Pit, Pit, Pit, Bottomless Pit. "Strengths: It auto-completes you. Weaknesses: Magnets. Evil Abilities: Burns your thighs."
  • Evil Agent DL (Desk Lamp) - Could be found in level 1-10, You Can't Make Evil Omelettes Without Breaking Some Evil Eggs. "Weight: Light. Hobbies: Reading, making shadow puppets. Turn Offs: Switches, unplugging, occasional clapping."

Evil Agents No Agent Left Behind A.png

No Agent Left Behind (Things I Found Outside)

  • Evil Agent PP (Potted Plant) - Could be found in level 2-4, Sludge Party. "Strengths: Grounded, strong roots. Weaknesses: Running, mobility. Evil Abilities: Seeding dissent."
  • Evil Agent S (Sunflower) - Could be found in level 2-7, Black Conquers All. "Strengths: Sunny disposition. Weaknesses: Shade. Fun Fact: Doesn't actually grow on the sun."
  • Evil Agent C (Cactus) - Could be found in level 2-9, Bombing Run. "Weight: Mostly water. Hobbies: Acupuncture, needlepoint. Fun Fact: First in its family to get a college degree."

Evil Agents Falling to Pieces A.png

Falling to Pieces (Things I Found in the Toybox)

  • Evil Agent TB (Teddy Bear) - Could be found in level 3-3, Glass Ceiling. "Hobby: Stealing the batteries from portable electronic devices. Known for: Seemingly innocent looking expression."
  • Evil Agent T (Train) - Could be found in level 3-6, Press X To Drop. "Interest: Scratching any hard surface that it moves over. Hobby: Startling people with its loud whistle."
  • Evil Agent D (Doll) - Could be found in level 3-12, Separation Anxiety. "Hobby: Giving really ugly makeovers to people while they are asleep. Known for: Using cosmetic products to write insults."



  • There are a total of 12 Evil Agents.