Evil Agents are the Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated version of Secret Files. Unlike the secret files, only three can be found per mission.

List of Evil Agents

Evil Agents Other A

Starter Evil Agents

These Evil Agents are already unlocked.

  • Evil Agent R (Radio)
  • Evil Agent C (Chair)
  • Evil Agent M (Microwave)
Evil Agents In the Hot Seat A

In the Hot Seat

Evil Agents No Agent Left Behind A

No Agent Left Behind

  • Evil Agent PP (Potted Plant) - Can be found in level 2-4, Sludge Party.
  • Evil Agent S (Sunflower) - Can be found in level 2-7, Black Conquers All.
  • Evil Agent C (Cactus) - Can be found in level 2-9, Bombing Run.
Evil Agents Falling to Pieces A

Falling to Pieces



  • There are a total of 12 Evil Agents.
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