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Removed Feature
This feature has been removed from the game.

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Energy is a function formerly used in Where's My Water? 2.


The Energy Meter.

Every time you play a level, your energy meter will deduct. It's soul purpose is to require players to either take a break and wait for their meter to refill after several consecutive tries or to pay real-world currency to reload it immediately.

Due to much negative feedback around this feature, it was removed by Disney 3 months after the game was released. If a player had purchased an In-App Purchase to restore their energy, Disney would give them some items to compensate the player.


  • According to Player Attack, the energy meter is an annoying “feature”, interpreted by cynics as a way to force microtransactions.
  • At the same time, this update brings 2 new locations, the Woods and the Bayou.

    Cranky eats Energy

  • Energy was eventually removed due to many complaints from players and fans.
    • When Energy was removed, a notification would appear on screen, and Facebook later revealed that Cranky "ate" it.[1]