Where's My Water? Wiki
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Easter Eggs

Swampy Levels

  • Swampy will sing the Where's My Water? theme song.
  • His "Bubble hair" almost resembles the famous singer Elvis Presley.

Allie Levels

  • Allie will sing the Where's My Water? theme song, but in a different tune.

Cranky Levels

  • Cranky will swallow a small yellow alarm clock just like Tick-Tock the Crocodile from Peter Pan.


  • If you tap the door next to Swampy in the map, it will open.
  • If you tap the metal sticks near Bingo the Flamingo, it will shake and make a clinging noise.
  • If you tap the rubbish pile to the left of Cranky, his algae-filled pet crab will pop out of it.

Soap Factory

  • If you tap a "water dispenser" next to Cranky in the map, it will dispense water in the "river".
  • Next to the "water dispenser" above, there is a "steam dispenser" that fires a gust of air if you tap it.
  • To the right of Ducky de Milo, there is a "purple water dispenser" that fires purple bubbles that float upwards if you tap it.


  • If you tap Cranky's pet crab next to him, its eyes will enlarge with a surprised face.
  • If you tap the umbrella next to Allie, it will "snap" as if you are closing it.
  • If you tap the surfboards next to the Bayou gate, they will shake.


  • If you tap any of the lotuses on lily pads, it will "snap".
  • If you tap the fish next to Level 54, it will jump to the water next to Level 51.
  • If you tap the frog next to Feather Cap, it will puff up.
  • If you tap the snake on the tree next to Feather Cap, it will look down and reveal a alligator face raising its eyebrows.
  • If you tap the blue bird next to Level 65 or the 550 duck gate, it will do a flamingo pose.


  • If you tap the red bird near the Bayou pipe, it will lose some feathers.
  • If you tap on the fishing rod next to Ice Feast, it will fish an ice block.
  • If you tap on the snowman in the woods, Karl will pop out of it.

Pirate Cove

  • If you press the skeleton next to Swampy, the skeleton head will chomp.
  • If you press the shining rock next to Allie, the rock will spew steam.
  • If you press the gem group near Box of Buttons, it will briefly flash and show a Mickey Mouse face.


  • If you tap on the rubbish bin or the fountain in the Party, an alligator will pop out of it.
  • You can pop the balloons on the first gate.
  • If you press the shrimp next to Allie, it will jump. Press it again and it will spin around.
  • If you touch Allie, she will turn the popcorn cart that will make popcorn. Touch her again and another alligator will come down on a balloon to steal the popcorn.
  • If you tap the lantern next to Bell Hat, it will emit a stronger glow.