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Easter Eggs

  • Title Screen Hijinks: Tapping on Swampy on the Where's My Water title screen generates several zany animations. The radio and shower head can also be interacted with. Tapping on the rubber duckies will make an arrangement of quacking noises. 
  • Pull Back the Curtain: After completing a level, players can drag along the edge of the shower curtain to pull it back and catch a glimpse of Swampy showering. 
  • Cranky below the level: This easter egg is only found in Where's My Water?, in levels of Swampy's Story that use scrolling. When one scrolls past the bottom of the level, Cranky can be seen standing under the level cackling evilly. 
  • Cranky's Spotlight: After completing a level in Cranky's Story, the player can drag the spotlight over Cranky around to see different parts of his silhouette. 
  • Swampy's Signature: This easter egg can be found in Where's My Water? and Where's My Perry?. In Where's My Water?, scrolling past the bottom of the collectibles screen in Swampy's Story, a drawing, supposedly of Swampy, next to the words "Wuz Here" is shown. In a later update to the game, tapping the signature reveals a new hidden level, See You Later, Alligator! In Where's My Perry?, the drawing of Swampy would appear in the title screen, however excluding the words "Wuz Here".
  • Sharing Idles: Swampy and Cranky both share the distracted, yawning and snoozing idles. Cranky and Allie share the impatient idle. Swampy and Allie share the frustrated idles.