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Easter Eggs

  • Title Screen Hijinks: Tapping on Perry on the Where's My Perry title screen cause it to wake up for a few seconds, makes a noise, and then returns to sleep.. The water tap and leaves can also be interacted with. Tapping on the gnome will make it move to a random location within a few possible spots it can appear at.
  • Playing with the Agents and Evil Agents: After completing a level, the player could interact in the level completion screen with either Perry in Perry's Story, an evil agent in Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated, or a combination of an agent and an evil agent in Calling All Agents.
  • Swampy's Signature: This easter egg can be found in Where's My Water? and Where's My Perry?. In Where's My Water?, scrolling past the bottom of the collectibles screen in Swampy's Story, a drawing, supposedly of Swampy, next to the words "Wuz Here" is shown. In a later update to the game, tapping the signature reveals a new hidden level, See You Later, Alligator! In Where's My Perry?, the drawing of Swampy would appear in the title screen, however excluding the words "Wuz Here".