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Ducks appear in all levels, and different and variations and quantities will appear depending on what type of level is played. Some Ducks are found through completing tasks.

WMW2 Swampy Duck.png WMW2 Allie Duck.png WMW2 Cranky Duck.png WMW2 Mystery Duck Swampy.png WMW2 Mystery Duck Allie.png WMW2 Mystery Duck Cranky.png
Swampy Duck Allie Duck Cranky Duck Swampy Mystery Duck Allie Mystery Duck Cranky Mystery Duck
WMW2 Mega Duck Swampy.png WMW2 Mega Duck Allie.png WMW2 Mega Duck Cranky.png WMW2 Duckling Swampy.png WMW2 Duckling Allie.png WMW2 Duckling Cranky.png
Swampy Mega Duck Allie Mega Duck Cranky Mega Duck Swampy Duckling Allie Duckling Cranky Duckling
Duckies Header without Frame.png