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Duckies are a collectible feature in Where's My Water? 2. As the player progresses through the game, unlocking new Locations, tri-ducking new locations and winning Mystery Duck levels, the player will unlock more duckies.

In addition, some seasonal ducks were created that only appeared for a limited time. These ducks were usually made to celebrate or acknowledge something.

List of Duckies

Duckie Requirements / Hint Description
WMW2 Duckie Classic.png
None Swampy's best friend, trusted sidekick, and inspiration.
Cool Duck
WMW2 Duckie Cool Duck.png
Complete the first mini-gate! You probably haven't heard of him. He's not part of the main-stream.
Aviator Duck
WMW2 Duckie Aviator Duck.png
Complete the first mini-gate! Thought lost at sea, she recently turned up under Cranky's couch.
Major Duck
WMW2 Duckie Major Duck.png
Complete the first mini-gate! Received a purple heart for saving his friends from a flood of purple water.
Dramatic Duck
WMW2 Duckie Dramatic Duck.png
Complete the first mini-gate! It ain't over until she sings.
Super Duck
WMW2 Duckie Super Duck.png
Tri-Duck all the levels in the Sewer. Bitten by a magic radioactive book, he protects the sewer from all evil-doers!
Shower Duck
WMW2 Duckie Shower Duck.png
Unlock the Soap Factory. One thing that always makes a Duckie happy is shower power.
Bubble Duck
WMW2 Duckie Bubble Duck.png
Tri-duck all the levels in the Soap Factory. Her favorite kind of music? Bubble rap!
Lifeguard Duck
WMW2 Duckie Lifeguard Duck.png
Unlock the Beach. Because not ALL ducks are naturally great swimmers.
Shark Duck
WMW2 Duckie Shark Duck.png
Tri-Duck all the levels in the Beach. AHHH!! IT'S A SHARK! Oh, wait, false alarm. It's just a duck.
Butterfly Duck
WMW2 Duckie Butterfly Duck.png
Tap 10 friends on the map! * Does it appear from a cocoon?
Party Duck
WMW2 Duckie Party Duck.png
Tap 20 friends on the map! * It's always a party when Party Duck is here.
Dino Duck
WMW2 Duckie Dino Duck.png
Collect Mystery Ducks! Rawr. RAWR! RAWR! Rawr?
Uni Duck
WMW2 Duckie Uni Duck.png
Collect Mystery Ducks! In the magical land of smiles 'n' rainbows known as Quacklandia she is their queen.
Gladiator Duck
WMW2 Duckie Gladiator Duck.png
Collect Mystery Ducks! We who are about to quack to salute you.
Marathon Duck
WMW2 Duckie Marathon Duck.png
Collect Mystery Ducks! Apparently, the rules don't include anything about not being a duck.
Hula Duck
WMW2 Duckie Hula Duck.png
Collect Mystery Ducks! Like aloha, quack means both hello and goodbye. And every other word.
Space Duck
WMW2 Duckie Space Duck.png
Collect Mystery Ducks! Swampy made the outfit. They just need to find this 'Moon' place.
Gator Duck
WMW2 Duckie Gator Duck.png
Unlock the Bayou. If you think this is odd, you should see Swampy in his duck suit.
Mardi Duck
WMW2 Duckie Mardi Duck.png
Tri-duck all the levels in the Bayou. The mask lends an air of mystery to any party. And she loves to party!
Carolling Duck
WMW2 Duckie Carolling Duck.png
Collect Mystery Ducks! Hark, the herald duckie sings!
Football Duck
WMW2 Duckie Football Duck.png
Collect Mystery Ducks! Football would be easier if he actually had feet.
Explorer Duck
WMW2 Duckie Explorer Duck.png
Collect Mystery Ducks! He really likes drawing maps. Someday he'll work up the nerve to go outside.
Flamingo Duck
WMW2 Duckie Flamingo Duck.png
Collect Mystery Ducks! She gets the pink color from some hair dye she found in the sewer.
Detective Duck
WMW2 Duckie Detective Duck.png
Collect Mystery Ducks! Elementary, my dear duckie!
Sir Duck
WMW2 Duckie Sir Duck.png
Collect Mystery Ducks! Modern ducks don't use the feudal system any more, but he misses it.
Construction Duck
WMW2 Duckie Construction Duck.png
Collect Mystery Ducks! Who did you think builds all those elaborate puzzles?
WMW2 Duckie Merduck.png
Collect Mystery Ducks! Half duck, half fish means she's the best swimmer in the (what's the word?) sewer.
Cozy Duck
WMW2 Duckie Cozy Duck.png
Unlock the Woods. In retrospect, this outfit would be even cozier with pants.
WMW2 Duckie Snowduck.png
Tri-duck all the levels in the Woods. Wearing a nice hat like this really makes me feel alive!
Pirate Duck
WMW2 Duckie Pirate Duck.png
Unlock the Pirate Cove! Searching for buried treasure sure is hard with all this dirt!
Adventurer Duck
WMW2 Duckie Adventurer Duck.png
Tri-duck all the levels in the Pirate Cove! Alligators. Why'd it have to be alligators?
Jester Duck
WMW2 Duckie Jester Duck.png
Unlock the Party! King Duck appointed him to speak truth to power. Joke's on him.
Dapper Duck
WMW2 Duckie Dapper Duck.png
Tri-duck all the levels in the Party! It's hard to be this dapper while living in a sewer. He's that good.
  • Both the Butterfly and Party Ducks require you to tap on Facebook Friends. However, the ability to connect to Facebook has since been removed and there is currently no other way to earn them.

Seasonal Ducks

Duckie Requirements / Hint Description
Summer Duck
WMW2 Duckie Summer Duck.png
Catch Mystery Duck to get the limited Summer Duckie! Collect me before I go on vacation! Sometimes even ducksneed a little downtime.
Ice Queen
WMW2 Duckie Ice Queen.png
Check in regularly for special limited time Duckies! Catch me before I freeze up! A kingdom of isolation and it looks like I'm the queen.
Autumn Duck
WMW2 Duckie Autumn Duck.png
Earn Mystery Ducks to rake up this special Duckie! Collect me before I blow away! This duck is falling for you.
Witch Duck
WMW2 Duckie Witch Duck.png
Grab Mystery Ducks to scare up this magical Duckie! Collect me before I fly away! Which duck? No, Witch Duck.
Mickey Duck
WMW2 Duckie Mickey Duck.png
Find Mystery Ducks to befriend this Duckie! Collect me before I go back to Disneyland! The leader of the club made for you and me? D - U - C, K - E - Y
Baby New Duck
Duckie Baby New Duck.png
Happy New Duckie! Earn Mystery Ducks to get him!! Collect me before my time is up! New Year's is a time for introspection and... OOOH! Sparkles!
Nightmare Duck
WMW2 Duckie Nightmare Duck.png
Nab Mystery Ducks to scare up this seasonal Duckie! Collect me before the Nightmare ends! Halloween Town's ducks are not in its sewers. It's scary in there.
School Duck
WMW2 Duckie School Duck.png
Time for Mystery Ducks to earn this special Duckie! Collect me before my classes start! If he dominates college, he may earn a Duck-torate of the Arts.
The Duck of Thunder
WMW2 Duckie The Duck of Thunder.png
Earn Mystery Ducks to be worthy of this Duckie! Collect me before the Rainbow Bridge closes! Where's my hammer?
Winter Duck
WMW2 Duckie Winter Duck.png
Earn Mystery Ducks to find this chilly Duckie! Collect me before I freeze! That's impressive. Knitting is hard with little rubber fingers.
Pleasant Duck
WMW2 Duckie Pleasant Duck.png
Find Mystery Ducks to earn this clever Duckie! Collect me before that wolf does! Dressing as a goat can be dangerous. Wolfie Duck gets hungry.
Vampire Duck
WMW2 Duckie Vampire Duck.png
Earn Mystery Ducks to capture the limited Vampire Duckie! Collect me before I return to my coffin! Cursed for eternity, this dark and merciless...Nah, he's adorable.
Cat Duck
WMW2 Duckie Cat Duck.png
Catch Mystery Ducks to adopt the limited Cat Duckie! Catch me before I take a cat nap! Yawn. This duck is purr-fectly content.
Hip Hop Duck
WMW2 Duckie Hip Hop Duck.png
Find Mystery Ducks to gain the limited Hip Hop Duckie! Get me before I drop the mic. Keeping it squeaky is the way to go,

when you're playing h-2-o!

'80s Duck
WMW2 Duckie '80s Duck.png
Earn Mystery Ducks to acquire the limited 80s Duckie! Catch me before I'm out of style. The trendiest duck in the sewer club scene.

Unused Ducks

Textures, names and descriptions can be found in the game files for three Ducks. These Ducks are awarded for tri-ducking locations whilst playing in the unused Expert Mode. They are completely unobtainable in-game.

Duckie Requirements / Hint Description
Duck Man
WMW2 Duckie Duck Man.png
Tri-Duck the Sewer in Expert Mode. Fighting crime is hard in the sewer. Wanted: More criminals.
Soapy Duck
WMW2 Duckie Soapy Duck.png
Tri-Duck the Soap Factory in Expert Mode. His least favorite music? Pop!
Sharky Duck
WMW2 Duckie Sharky Duck.png
Tri-Duck the Beach in Expert Mode. AHHH!! IT"S A COSTUME! Sorry. I'm deathly afraid of costumes.