Drain It First is the 7th level in Meet Swampy. This level introduces Poison Water, and it is also the first level to have a Cranky Challenge available.


To clear this level, first drain the poison away so the water can get through by digging a path from the poison to the opening on the right. Cut the dirt at the top to redirect the water, and then dig through the dirt segment containing the first two ducks to open it and have the water collect it. Finally, make an opening for the shower pipe, making sure the last duck is a part of it, so the water can collect the last duck, get in the pipe, and complete the level.

Cranky Challenge

In the Cranky Challenge for this level, the player must tri-duck the level but with Cranky Ducks.

To beat the challenge, when it starts, do NOT drain the poison. Instead, direct the running water to the poison. This will make more poison; when the level of the poison reaches to about the uppermost duck, dig through the dirt surrounding the two top ducks to make them accessible. Once you have filled them up, dig right down to the last duck to fill it up, being careful not to uncover the shower pipe, then drain it by digging to the right. Once all the poison has drained, uncover the shower drain to direct the running water to Swampy's shower pipe.