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Cranky Mega Ducks are a variant of the Mystery Duck which appear in Mystery Duck Challenges.


  • Cranky Mega Ducks are found in some Mystery Duck challenges. A new Mystery Duck challenge appears every 24 hours, but a different type of Mystery Duck will likely feature.
  • When a player collects a Cranky Mega Duck and completes the challenge, it is added to the Mystery Duck counter (A Cranky Mega Duck counts as one Mystery Duck). For every three Mystery Ducks collected, a new Duckie costume is unlocked.
  • Cranky Mega Ducks require twenty drops of Purple Water to fill and collect. All other Fluids, except Steam will kill Cranky Mega Ducks. If the Cranky Mega Duck is killed or if the level is completed without it being collected, the level fails.
  • Once all Duckies that are unlocked with the Mystery Duck are unlocked, Mystery Duck challenges will no longer appear, thus, neither will the Cranky Mega Duck.


  • While Full, the Cranky Mega Duck takes on the appearance of a full Cranky Duck albeit much larger, though with a smaller head and wings compared to its body.
  • While Empty, the Cranky Mega Duck has the shape and features as his full version, though in shades of green.