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A Cranky Duck

Cranky Ducks are Rubber Ducks that are equivalent to Swampy Ducks.


Cranky Duck Empty


Cranky Ducks appear in Cranky's Story. They are filled with 5 drops of Poison Water. If Water, Mud, or Toxic Ooze touches it, then it will be destroyed (they also turn into a skull and make a painful-sounding quack). There are three on any level in Cranky's Story. In some of Cranky's Challenges levels, you can find Cranky Ducks in Levels 1-7, 3-6, 5-7, and 7-18 from Swampy's Story.


  • It is the only duck that is destroyed if water touches it. Steam, however, doesn't affect it.
  • Its "Where's My Perry?"'s equivalent to the "Evil Gnomes" from Doofenshmirtz's evil missions.
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