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Cranky Ducks are the ducks used in all Cranky levels in Where's My Water? 2


  • Cranky Ducks are found in Cranky levels. A total of three appear in each level.
  • A player is not required to collect any Cranky Ducks in order to move onto the next level, however, a certain number of Swampy Ducks are required to unlock future Gates in the various Locations. Cranky Ducks count toward this total.
  • Cranky Ducks require five drops of Purple Water to be collected. All other Fluids, except Steam will kill the duck.
  • While in the Avoid It! challenge mode, the player must avoid all Cranky Ducks and complete the challenge. If one is collected, the Challenge is failed and any succeeding challenges on the same level will remain locked. Note that if a duck is partially filled, the challenge will continue.
  • While in the Driller challenge mode, the player may have to avoid all Cranky Ducks. If applicable, the same rules from Avoid It! are applied in Driller.
  • While in the Guest Star challenge mode, Cranky Ducks are replaced with either Swampy Ducks or Allie Ducks, alongside Cranky who will be replaced with either Swampy or Allie, respectively.
  • While in the Melody challenge mode, all three Cranky Ducks are replaced with five musical notes. The notes accept and reject the same fluids as Cranky Ducks but also have to be collected in the correct order.
  • While in the Duck Swap challenge mode, all three Cranky Ducks are replaced with either Swampy Ducks or Allie Ducks. The level is layed out the same except with those duck changes.
  • While in the Duck Rush challenge mode, six Cranky Ducks are present instead of the customary three. The appearance and fluid acceptance is the same.


  • The Duck has a pointy tail, head and wings, much like Cranky's snout, claws and tail.
  • While full, Cranky Ducks are a dark purple with an orange beak, white eyes and dark outlines.
  • When empty, the duck is green.


Description Sound
Cranky Duck is Collected
Cranky Duck is Filled
Cranky Duck is Killed


  • While full, Cranky Ducks are are purple, and Swampy Ducks are yellow. Yellow and Purple are complementary (opposite) colours, which is fitting since Swampy's and Cranky's personalities are quite "opposite". However in this game both Swampy and Cranky are "frenemies"