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Cranky Ducks are the variation of ducks used in Cranky levels.


  • Cranky Ducks are found in Cranky levels. A total of three appear in each level.
  • A player is not required to collect any Cranky Ducks in order to move onto the next level, however, a certain number of Cranky Ducks are required to unlock other chapters within Cranky's Story unless the player uses the Locksmith Duck.
  • Cranky Ducks require five drops of Poison Water to be collected. All other Fluids, except Steam will kill the duck.


  • In general, Cranky Ducks have a curved shape. Its eyes have an angry look like Cranky himself, and the wings and tail are pointy, like some of Cranky's features.
  • While full, Cranky Ducks have a are purple with a orange beak (darker than the beaks found on a Swampy or Allie Duck), white eyes and dark purple outlines.
  • When empty, Cranky Ducks have a green body with a pale green beak, white-green eyes and dark green outlines.


Description Sound
Cranky Duck is Collected
Cranky Duck is Filled
Cranky Duck is Killed


  • A total of 264 Cranky Ducks can be found in Cranky's Story. A total of 240 of these come from normal levels, while the remaining 24 come from Bonus Levels. Hidden Levels do not count towards this.
  • Evil Gnomes are the equivalent of Cranky Ducks in Where's My Perry?.
  • According to Vincent Perea who is an artist of the game, this duck takes on a purple appearance to fit Cranky's theme of "tough, dark and evil".
  • While full, Cranky Ducks are are purple, and Swampy Ducks are yellow. Yellow and Purple are complementary (opposite) colours, which is fitting since Swampy's and Cranky's personalities are quite "opposite".
  • Cranky Ducks are green when empty, and are purple when full. This may likely be based off the fact that green is inverse of purple.