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Cranky is an alligator in Where's My Water? 2.


Cranky is the leader of the alligators and he is always hungry, eating anything whatever he finds. As his name suggests, he is very cranky and always shown with an angry face. Unlike his original counterpart, Swampy and himself aren't enemies, but he stills has many of his original traits like being lazy, bossy and disrespectful. Cranky also seems to have a pet crab, only appearing in the main menu or at the Beach. He and Allie tend to be somewhat "mature".

Cranky always has an issue with Algae that covers his "food" in his lair. Therefore, he relies on a old pipe that drips out Purple Water to clear off his plate. Despite having an enormous appetite, Cranky is shown to be incredibly strong, as seen in some cutscenes where he lifts a giant snowball by playing a naughty prank.


Like Allie, Cranky is very similar in looks to his original counterpart, the only difference is that he is slightly darker and has a shadow like line that runs from his chest to the base of his tail. Cranky takes on the appearance of an anthropomorphic obese light green alligator (not as light compared to Allie) and he is the largest alligator in the sewer, towering over Swampy and Allie. He has purple ring-like bags on his eyes, 12 teeth sticking out (6 on each side) of his mouth and a distinctive blue scar on his belly. In addition, Cranky's mouth tends to be more "wavy" compared to Swampy and Allie who have simple looking mouths. Cranky's claws, toes are blue and his round, but pointy scales are also blue. Cranky's skin shows dark patches of mud and food, his belly is almost white and shaped like a square. His tail look's a lot like Allie, except it's longer, thicker and pointer; but unlike Allie, the tail faces inward. Just like all the Alligators in the sewer, Cranky has four fingers and two toes.



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Eating Habits

Cranky's eating habits are very different compared to the classic game, he stretches his body and bends down. In the classic game, he rocks back and then forth while lifting one leg at the same time (his eyes are closed at all times). Also in the classic game, he either chomps his food in 2 different ways or swallow it whole. While in this game, he chomps 12 times and then swallows it (in the levels he chomps with is eyes close). After he swallows, Cranky does not put his hands on his belly just like in the classic game.


  • Cranky is well known for his cackling like laugh.
  • Cranky also has a different sounding voice. His voice sounds very deep in this game rather than being "monstrous" in the first game
  • Despite being lazy and disrespectful, he tends to be funny towards the player like eating all the food in the Bayou cutscene or doing a final dance pose in the main menu.
  • Unlike Swampy and Allie, Cranky doesn't sing when playing his levels.
  • On some occasions Cranky will swallow a small yellow alarm clock, possibly showing the player reminding of Tick-Tock the Crocodile from Peter Pan.
  • Cranky is "responsible" for eating the energy bar during its removal.
  • Although he is the biggest alligator in the game, there are a few alligators that tower over him.
  • Cranky "slurs" after a Bomb Explosion
  • Depending on a device the player uses (Apple or Android), Cranky talks by saying "Raaag! Rrrrmmm! Ha ha ha ha!" or simply "Rrrrmmm! Ha ha ha ha!" when punching a pipe at the start of his level.
  • Some of the food that Cranky eats is from the Food Groups in the classic game.
  • Cranky's tail is seen in 2 different forms (as seen in his idles) and his "eyebrows" are shown in 4 forms.
  • Like Swampy, Cranky is shown in 3 forms (2 of which only appear in the cutscenes): Default, Facing away (Diagonally) and Completely facing away from the camera.