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"The alpha male of all the alligators who live in the sewer. He resents the humans who live above them since he has spent a lifetime dealing with their trash. He is disgusted by Swampy's quirks since they remind him of how humans live. He sabotages Swampy's showers out of resentment and bullies him in other story moments." - Where's My Water official website

Cranky is Swampy's enemy, and Where's My Water?'s main antagonist.


Cranky is always hungry, eating anything whatever he finds. He causes trouble for Swampy whenever and however he can. Cranky hates human behavior, and as a result, he and his gang spend most of their days tormenting Swampy (who has human traits). At times he even asserts aggression to his own minions, but never shows aggression towards Allie.

Cranky is very lazy and shows no respect towards Swampy. He was formerly in a relationship with Allie, until she abandoned him when Swampy gave her a bow[1]. Cranky tried several attempts to sabotage the romance between the two, but he has had little success.

Cranky always has an issue with Algae that covers his "food" in his Lair. Therefore, he relies on an old pipe that drips out Poison Water to clear his plate. He chews on pipes frequently[2].

Cranky is shown to be incredibly strong despite having an enormous appetite, such as in the Warming Up cutscene where he helps Swampy build a special instrument for Allie as a special gift by carrying planks of wood, pipes and several other objects.


Cranky takes on the appearance of an anthropomorphic obese light green alligator (not as light compared to Allie) and he is the largest alligator in the sewer, towering over Swampy and Allie. He has purple ring-like bags on his eyes, 12 teeth sticking out (6 on each side) of his mouth and a distinctive blue scar on his belly. In addition, Cranky's mouth tends to be more "wavy" compared to Swampy and Allie who have simple looking mouths. Cranky's claws, toes are blue and his round, but pointy scales are also blue. Cranky's skin shows dark patches of mud and food, his belly is almost white and shaped like a square. His tail look's a lot like Allie, except it's longer, thicker and pointer; but unlike Allie, the tail faces inward. Just like all the Alligators in the sewer, Cranky has four fingers and two toes.


Eating Habits

Cranky eats his food in nearly the same way every time. He rocks back and then forth while lifting one leg at the same time. His eyes are always closed. He either chomps his food in 2 different ways or swallow it whole. After he swallows, Cranky puts his hands on his belly.


Description Sound
Licking Lips
Bites Food
Water Enters Pipe
Face Palm
Grabbing & Breaking Pipe
Poison Water Lands of Foot
Roars at Algae
"Tiger Roar" (Trailer Only)


  • Cranky is well known for his cackling like laugh.
  • Like Swampy, Cranky is also voiced by Justin T. Bowler.
  • In the cutscenes, Cranky is shown without his signature scar until Under Pressure.
  • In the trailer and the making of his story, Cranky has a roar that sounds like a tiger.
  • Ooze entering his lair is used as a comedic effect.