Story Cranky

Cranky's Story is the third story in Where's My Water?. Cranky's Story is an optional In-App Purchase that has four chapter and with challenges. In this story, the player must help Cranky clean Algae of his food. Cranky is the sewer's most hungry Alligator. Cranky is relying on an old pipe that puts out Poison Water to clean away the Algae. Now the player must help Cranky by guiding Poison Water to Cranky's food by using all their puzzle-solving skills, and their finger! The pack cost USD 1.99.

The player can try the first five levels of his pack for free.


  1. Cranky's First Course
  2. Hunger Pains
  3. Bulking Up
  4. Overstuffed
Cranky's story

Available for iOS and Android!


  • Cranky is the main character in this story.
  • Cranky gets angry when all the poison water is lost in the level.
  • Other alligators do not appear in the story, except for the cutscenes.
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