Chapter Cranky's First Course
Cranky's First Course the first chapter in Cranky's Story. It was released in January 2012. The next Chapter is Hunger Pains.
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Cranky's First Course Cutscene


C1-1: First Dig?

C1-2: Meet Me in the Middle

C1-3: Purple Rain

C1-4: Lawn Sprinkler

C1-5: Around the World

C1-6: Alignment Issues

C1-7: Touch and Hold

C1-8: Split Ends

C1-9: Roller Coaster

C1-10: Slideshow

C1-11: Boomstick

C1-12: Connect the Dots

C1-13: Chemistry Set

C1-14: Bridge Breaker

C1-15: The Long Drop

C1-16: Duck Invaders

C1-17: Must Come Down

C1-18: Spillover

C1-19: Time Bomb

C1-20: Pollution Solution