"The alpha male of all the alligators who live in the sewer. He resents the humans who live above them since he has spent a lifetime dealing with their trash. He is disgusted by Swampy's quirks since they remind him of how humans live. He sabotages Swampy's showers out of resentment and bullies him in other story moments." - Where's My Water official website

Cranky is Swampy's enemy, and Where's My Water?'s main antagonist. He hates Swampy's showering habits. Allie was in love with Cranky until Sink or Swim. He is also the main character in Cranky's Story. Cranky causes trouble for Swampy in every chapter (except Rising Tide) in any way he can. He lives even deeper then Swampy does and may be the king of the alligators. He likes his purple Cranky Ducks.

He is frequently shown chewing pipes.

In Overstuffed's ending, he was bloated and happy.

In Where's My Water? 2 he lost his antagonist title

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