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Converters are an Object in Where's My Water? first appearing in Change is Good.


  • Converters are an attachment to Pipe Lines. A Fluid that enters the Drain associated with the Converter will potentially be converted to another Fluid before being dispensed out of the associated Nozzle.
  • Converters have two "modes"
    • A Converter will be set to convert Fluids to the same specific Fluid in the level.
    • A Converter will have a switch which can be used to change what it will convert Fluids into. The switch can be used whenever the player desires.
  • Converters use symbols and colours to represent Fluids:
    • Blue with a Water drop: Water
    • Purple with a skull symbol: Poison Water
    • Green with an acid blob: Ooze
    • Dark Cyan with a Steam whisp: Steam
    • Brown with a Mud splatter: Mud
      • Fluids converted into Mud will always be in the wettest form.


Description Sound
Converter mode is switched


  • The cycle for changeable outputs are: Water, Poison Water, Ooze, Steam.
    • Despite this order, Converters are not always on the first available option.
    • Mud is never featured in a cycle.
    • Converters with Switches never hold more than three outputs.