For a similar feature in the original game, see Collection/Where's My Water.
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Collectibles are feature in Where's My Water? 2 that give the player an extra challenge. There are three collectibles in each location. Each collectible has a small description when tapped on.

List of collectibles

There are a total of 21 collectibles in the game.

Collection WMW2 Sewer


  • Gnorbert- Can be found in level 4, Floodgate. "Gnorbert makes Swampy's apartment a gnome sweet home."
  • Bingo the Flamingo- Can be found in level 8, Steam Conductor. "Allie's flamingo claims she saw a human once. No one believes her."
  • Hank the Tire Pile- Can be found in level 14, Just Add Water. "Cranky's tire pile, as squishy as it is delicious."
Collection WMW2 Soap Factory

Soap Factory

  • McSoapy Brand Soap- Can be found in level 18, U-turn. "Cranky's Culinary Review "Yuck! Tastes clean."
  • Ducky de Milo- Can be found in level 22, Purple Mountains Majesty. "Allie's been working on expressing her creativity in new and different ways."
  • Chair-so-soft- Can be found in level 26, Rise and Fall of the Green Empire. "Swampy likes this chair. It has room for a tail So soft, too."
Collection WMW2 Beach


  • Crabby's House- Can be found in level 40, Beach Bum. "Swampy's first attempt at a home for Crabby. He hates the polka-door."
  • Purple Chip- Can be found in level 44, Out to Launch. "Cranky's Culinary Review "Interesting crunch."
  • Glass-a-ma-phone- Can be found in level 49, Meltdown. "Allie likes the sound, but wants it to sing without breaking."
Collection WMW2 Bayou


  • Feather Hat- Can be found in level 59, Full Circle. "Swampy was disappointed that 'a feather in your cap' is a bit overrated."
  • Pink Truffle- Can be found in level 65, Swampboat. "Cranky's Culinary Review: Starts bland, then explodes in flavor."
  • Bang-Flip- Can be found in level 71, Air Force Water. "It would make a much better drum if the clangy part was lower."
Collection WMW2 Woods


  • Ice Feast- Can be found in level 81, I C Purple. "Cranky's Culinary Review: Coll and crunchy on the outside. Light and airy on the inside."
  • The Feeling of Speed- Can be found in level 87, Paving the Way. "Sledding feels like music: fun and fast and fleeting but painful if your crash."
  • Snow Tennis- Can be found in level 92, Look Before You Leak. "Swampy didn't expect to find tennis rackets leaving marks in the snow."
Collection WMW2 Pirate Cove

Pirate Cove

  • Can Slicer- Can be found in level 97, Low Clearance. "It Slices! It dices! Cranky even cut a tin can with it!"
  • Box of Buttons- Can be found in level 107, Breaking the Ice"Swampy loves these shiny buttons. If only he wore clothes."
  • Bright Idea- Can be found in level 112, Double Bypass"Allie's new show: Lights! Camera! Action! Music that glows!"
Collection WMW2 Party


  • King Hat- Can be found in level 117, Two parts steam, one part switch"Swampy's afraid to wear it after he heard about kings. Power is scary."
  • Bell Hat- Can be found in level 127, Rope Bridge"Allie never saw a musical hat before. Swampy finds such interesting things for her."
  • Ugly Chicken- Can be found in level 134, Duck Hunt"Cranky's Culinary Review: Usually things with feathers taste better."



  • Unlike the collection in Where's My Water?, this collection is spread over all three characters due to the way the game is played.
    • There is no place where the player can look at their collectibles and they can only find them around the locations.
  • Collectibles do not unlock anything.
  • Swampy and Allie will both do the same pose by stretching their arms towards the collectible.
    • Cranky however, will do a different pose by holds his right arm behind the collectible and has his left on his hip. 
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