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Collectibles are a feature in Where's My Water? 2 that give the player an extra challenge. There are three collectibles in each location. Each collectible has a small description when tapped on.

List of collectibles

There are a total of 21 collectibles in the game.

Collectible Description Found In
WMW2 Collectible Gnorbert.png
"Gnorbert makes Swampy's apartment a gnome sweet home." Can be found in level 4, Floodgate.
Bingo the Flamingo
WMW2 Collectible Bingo the Flamingo.png
"Allie's flamingo claims she saw a human once. No one believes her." Can be found in level 8, Steam Conductor.
Hank the Tire Pile
WMW2 Collectible Hank the Tire Pile.png
"Cranky's tire pile, as squishy as it is delicious." Can be found in level 14, Just Add Water.
Soap Factory
Collectible Description Found In
McSoapy Brand Soap
WMW2 Collectible McSoapy Brand Soap.png
"Cranky's Culinary Review: "Yuck! Tastes clean." Can be found in level 18, U-turn.
Ducky de Milo
WMW2 Collectible Ducky de Milo.png
"Allie's been working on expressing her creativity in new and different ways." Can be found in level 22, Purple Mountains Majesty.
WMW2 Collectible Chair-so-soft.png
"Swampy likes this chair. It has room for a tail! So soft, too." Can be found in level 26, Rise and Fall of the Green Empire.
Collectible Description Found In
Crabby's House
WMW2 Collectible Crabby's House.png
"Swampy's first attempt at a home for Crabby. He hates the polka-door." Can be found in level 40, Beach Bum.
Purple Chip
WMW2 Collectible Purple Chip.png
"Cranky's Culinary Review: "Interesting crunch." Can be found in level 44, Out to Launch.
WMW2 Collectible Glass-a-ma-phone.png
"Allie likes this sound, but wants it to sing without breaking." Can be found in level 49, Meltdown.
Collectible Description Found In
Feather Hat
WMW2 Collectible Feather Hat.png
"Swampy was disappointed that 'a feather in your cap' is a bit overrated." Can be found in level 59, Full Circle.
Pink Truffle
WMW2 Collectible Pink Truffle.png
"Cranky's Culinary Review: Starts bland, then explodes in flavor." Can be found in level 65, Swampboat.
WMW2 Collectible Bang-Flip.png
"It would make a much better drum if the clangy part was lower." Can be found in level 71, Air Force Water.
Collectible Description Found In
Ice Feast
WMW2 Collectible Ice Feast.png
"Cranky's Culinary Review: Cool and crunchy on the outside. Light and airy on the inside." Can be found in level 81, I C Purple.
The Feeling of Speed
WMW2 Collectible The Feeling of Speed.png
"Sledding feels like music: fun and fast and fleeting but painful if your crash." Can be found in level 87, Paving the Way.
Snow Tennis
WMW2 Collectible Snow Tennis.png
"Swampy didn't expect to find tennis rackets leaving marks in the snow." Can be found in level 92, Look Before You Leak.
Pirate Cove
Collectible Description Found In
Can Slicer
WMW2 Collectible Can Slicer.png
"It Slices! It dices! Cranky even cut a tin can with it!" Can be found in level 97, Low Clearance.
Box of Buttons
WMW2 Collectible Box of Buttons.png
"Swampy loves these shiny buttons. If only he wore clothes." Can be found in level 107, Breaking the Ice.
Bright Idea
WMW2 Collectible Bright Idea.png
"Allie's new show: Lights! Camera! Action! Music that glows!" Can be found in level 112, Double Bypass.
Collectible Description Found In
King Hat
WMW2 Collectible King Hat.png
"Swampy's afraid to wear it after he heard about kings. Power is scary." Can be found in level 117, Two parts steam, one part switch.
Bell Hat
WMW2 Collectible Bell Hat.png
"Allie never saw a musical hat before. Swampy finds such interesting things for her." Can be found in level 127, Rope Bridge.
Ugly Chicken
WMW2 Collectible Ugly Chicken.png
"Cranky's Culinary Review: Usually things with feathers taste better." Can be found in level 134, Ducky Hunt.



  • Unlike the collection in Where's My Water?, this collection is spread over all three characters due to the way the game is played.
    • There is no place where the player can look at their collectibles and they can only find them around the locations.
  • Collectibles do not unlock anything.
  • Swampy and Allie will both do the same pose by stretching their arms towards the collectible.
    • Cranky however, will do a different pose by stretching his right arm behind the collectible and having his left on his hip. At the same time he "inflates" his chest.