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The Collection is a feature in Swampy's Story. This is where all collectibles the player has found in the levels are stored. When accessed, the player can read about the collectibles he/she has found, and play bonus levels if the player has unlocked them. The collection is divided into rows, each with 3 collectibles. When the player fills up a whole row by collecting all three of the corresponding collectibles, a bonus level is unlocked.

List of collectibles

As of Out to Dry, there are currently 60 collectibles in the game.

Meet Swampy
Collectible Description Found In
Shiny Scale Shampoo
WMW Collectible Shiny Scale Shampoo.png
"Swampy's favorite brand of shampoo! Nothing leaves his scales feeling healthier. Dermatologist approved!" Can be found in level 1-2, A Rock is a Hard Place.
Suds-a-Lot Soap
WMW Collectible Suds-a-Lot Soap.png
"At first Swampy thought this was bubblegum, but when his mouth overflowed with bubbles, he figured out it was soap." Can be found in level 1-10, Split Decision.
Lucky Loofah
WMW Collectible Lucky Loofah.png
"Swampy is not a superstitious gator. But this loofah... is definitely lucky." Can be found in level 1-14, Loop the Loop.
Bonus Level: Hourglass
WMW Collectible Toothbrush.png
"Despite his quizzical nature, Swampy has yet to discover why this is called a toothbrush and not a teethbrush." Can be found in level 1-14, Loop the Loop.
Minty Icing
WMW Collectible Minty Icing.png
"Swampy decorated some cupcakes with this icing, but yikes! That's a lot of mint!" Can be found in level 1-16, Three Scoops.
Finicky Floss
WMW Collectible Finicky Floss.png
"While important to one's overall hygiene, flossing is somewhat useless for Swampy since his teeth are so far apart from each other!" Can be found in level 1-19, Seesaw.
Bonus Level: Round and Round
Troubled Waters
Collectible Description Found In
Lazy Flipper
WMW Collectible Lazy Flipper.png
"Even though gators have webbed feet, sometimes Swampy likes to kick back and let this flipper do all the work." Can be found in level 2-4, Long Journey.
WMW Collectible Nessie.png
"Swampy likes to pretend Nessie was part of a high flying circus troupe! Nessie was the manager." Can be found in level 2-8, One Stream.
Reading Goggles
WMW Collectible Reading Goggles.png
"Have you ever tried reading a book underwater? Take it from Swampy - reading goggles make it a breeze!" Can be found in level 2-10, Make a Wave.
Bonus Level: The Maze
Party Hat
WMW Collectible Party Hat.png
"Swampy found this hat just in time for his annual costume party! This costume is totally going to top last year's cowboy costume." Can be found in level 2-14, Mind the Gap.
Life Preserver
WMW Collectible Life Preserver.png
"Life preservers always make Swampy wonder: what if there was a boat made of jelly?" Can be found in level 2-15, Boomerang.
WMW Collectible Scope.png
"This telescope can see over 10 miles away! Unfortunately for Swampy, he's in a sewer. So there's nowhere to look 10 miles away." Can be found in level 2-20, Half and Half.
Bonus Level: Golden Ratio
Under Pressure
Collectible Description Found In
Picnic Basket
WMW Collectible Picnic Basket.png
"A huge basket made for two! Which means Swampy has to eat two helpings..." Can be found in level 3-3, Ooze Fall.
Talk Box
WMW Collectible Talk Box.png
"Stay tuned for Swampy's favorite radio drama, Curse of the Algae Beards! Tonight's episode - 'Shear First, Cut Later'." Can be found in level 3-5, Bomb Chain.
Sugary Soap
WMW Collectible Sugary Soap.png
"Despite being incredibly bubbly, this is the stickiest soap Swampy has ever used." Can be found in level 3-8, Let's Play Catch.
Bonus Level: Tread Carefully
WMW Collectible Spoon-apault.png
"Best. Catapault. Ever." Can be found in level 3-12, Bomb It Up!
WMW Collectible Chip.png
"Swampy knows it's just a teacup, but this little guy is so cute! Swampy nick-named this cup Chip." Can be found in level 3-15, Going Down?.
Momma Teapot
WMW Collectible Momma Teapot.png
"Since Swampy already named the cup, he decided the teapot needed a name too! Something motherly... like Potty McPotister!" Can be found in level 3-18, Untimely Growth.
Bonus Level: Mouse Ears
Sink or Swim
Collectible Description Found In
WMW Collectible Bow.png
"A perfect bow! Now he just needs someone to give it to..." Can be found in level 4-1, Logic Gates.
Back Scratcher
WMW Collectible Back Scratcher.png
"If Swampy had hair, this brush would be super useful. But, Swampy is quite hairless, so he just uses it to scratch his back." Can be found in level 4-4, Bridge Builder.
Poetry Perfume
WMW Collectible Poetry Perfume.png
"Hark! O sacred scent! Like spring flowers in new bloom. So bright, so vivid!" Can be found in level 4-9, Curse of the Algae Beard.
Bonus Level: Build and Tilt
Heart Shaped Box
WMW Collectible Heart Shaped Box.png
"Swampy found this cool box with a bunch of little compartments inside. Hello, bead collection!" Can be found in level 4-15, Figure Eight.
WMW Collectible Rose.png
"This one time, Swampy had a dream this rose had put him under a spell. But then he woke up." Can be found in level 4-17, The Grid.
Teddy Bear
WMW Collectible Teddy Bear.png
"While cuddly and cute on the outside, Swampy knows this teddy bear is a rebel at heart. So Swampy uses this teddy as a stunt double." Can be found in level 4-20, Rinse Cycle.
Bonus Level: Beehive
Change is Good
Collectible Description Found In
Big Apple
WMW Collectible Big Apple.png
"Swampy finally found the 'Big Apple' everyone keeps talking about - but it's so little!" Can be found in level 5-2, Recycling Works.
Artistic Woman
WMW Collectible Artistic Woman.png
"Though Swampy's knowledge of art history is rudimentary, he'd take the liberty to describe this statue as colossally neoclassical." Can be found in level 5-5, Bottleneck.
Tiny Taxi
WMW Collectible Tiny Taxi.png
"Swampy has heard of clown cars before, but this is ridiculous. How is anybody supposed to fit inside this taxi?!" Can be found in level 5-8, One Way Street.
Bonus Level: Onion Peel
Gyration Junkie
WMW Collectible Gyration Junkie.png
"Never one to turn down a challenge, Swampy accepted a dance off with this little lady. Needless to say, she won." Can be found in level 5-12, Scaffolding.
Multipurpose Hat
WMW Collectible Multipurpose Hat.png
"This hat is perfect for any occasion - dinner parties, a stroll in the park, even steam boating!" Can be found in level 5-14, Double Dipping.
Scooter Penrose
WMW Collectible Scooter Penrose.png
"Scooter Penrose is Swampy's longtime friend, though this kitty cat's identity must remain hidden behind nose and glasses." Can be found in level 5-17, Pick Your Poison.
Bonus Level: Never Let You Go
Boiling Point
Collectible Description Found In
The Glider
WMW Collectible The Glider.png
"Swampy no longer worries about his Rubber Ducky getting around - the Glider is the smoothest ride this side of the surface." Can be found in level 6-2, Steam Cleaning.
Claw Cleaners
WMW Collectible Claw Cleaners.png
"Dirty claws are such a thing of the past! Just pull this over your hand, give it a little rub, and voilà! Instantly clean claws!" Can be found in level 6-4, Rise and Fall.
Hypothesis Hat
WMW Collectible Hypothesis Hat.png
"Swampy has always wondered what it would feel like to have big, floppy ears. Mystery solved - it feels warm!" Can be found in level 6-8, Through the Bridge.
Bonus Level: Steam It Up
Water Cloth
WMW Collectible Water Cloth.png
"This cloth must have water inside - it shimmers, it's slippery, and it feels so smooth!" Can be found in level 6-12, Revolving Door.
Golden Locks
WMW Collectible Golden Locks.png
"Even as a creature without hair, Swampy knows a good wig when he sees one. Music videos aren't going to make themselves!" Can be found in level 6-15, Ventilation Shaft.
All Terrain Marker
WMW Collectible All Terrain Marker.png
"Swampy has yet to find a surface this marker can't write on: dirt, ice, even alligator skin!" Can be found in level 6-19, Through and Through.
Bonus Level: Algae Gates
Stretched Thin
Collectible Description Found In
Time Traveling Hat
WMW Collectible Time Traveling Hat.png
"Whatever time period this hat is from, people certainly have some wacky outfits. What's next, self-tying shoes?" Can be found in level 7-4, Balloon Bridge.
Cone of Authority
WMW Collectible Cone of Authority.png
"When Swampy talks through this cone, alligators listen." Can be found in level 7-6, Down the Hatch.
Plot Device
WMW Collectible Plot Device.png
"This flashlight is great for boring campfire stories - turning it on instantly makes every story ten times more exciting!" Can be found in level 7-10, Mirror Image.
Bonus Level: Balloon Maze
One Man Band
WMW Collectible One Man Band.png
"Swampy is living proof that drummers can be the lead singer in a band." Can be found in level 7-14, Pipe Organ.
Good Morning Machine
WMW Collectible Good Morning Machine.png
"Until this handy device came along, Swampy had a serious 'neighbors sleeping on his porch all day long' problem. Not anymore!" Can be found in level 7-16, Be Careful Burning Bridges.
Heartbreak Accelerator
WMW Collectible Heartbreak Accelerator.png
"Whenever Swampy feels down, this instrument only seems to make things worse. Why does it always sound so sad?" Can be found in level 7-20, Balloon Gauntlet.
Bonus Level: Tilt with Caution
Caution to the Wind
Collectible Description Found In
Polka Dot Stamp
WMW Collectible Polka Dot Stamp.png
"After years of puzzling, Swampy has finally figured out how to make a polka dot pattern - a little paint and the bottom of this stamp!" Can be found in level 8-3, Updraft.
Soup Bowl
WMW Collectible Soup Bowl.png
"The rumors were true - this bowl really is super! It even has a handle!" Can be found in level 8-5, On and Off.
Hand Flipper
WMW Collectible Hand Flipper.png
"Webbed feet are so last Spring - with this puppy you can have webbed hands!" Can be found in level 8-8, Wind Power.
Bonus Level: Spring Cleaning
Rotisserie Rotators
WMW Collectible Rotisserie Rotators.png
"Neighborhood cookouts have gotten a whole lot easier with these skewers... even though you can only cook one piece at a time." Can be found in level 8-11, Freefallin'.
Figurine Head
WMW Collectible Figurine Head.png
"Swampy can't stop imagining what the rest of this action figure looks like. His favorite so far is a robot with horse heads for arms!" Can be found in level 8-14, Ice Pit.
Pandora's Box
WMW Collectible Pandora's Box.png
"Swampy would be nervous about opening Pandora's Box, but he can't seem to find any way to open it." Can be found in level 8-17, Headwind.
Bonus Level: Air Maze
Rising Tide
Collectible Description Found In
Lazy Music Box
WMW Collectible Lazy Music Box.png
"Swampy loves the ringing song his music box plays, but why does it only work twice a day?" Can be found in level 9-2, Mix It UP!.
Magnet Carrying Case Bowl
WMW Collectible Magnet Carrying Case.png
"With this handy holder, Swampy can finally display his extensive magnet collection!" Can be found in level 9-4, One Shot Wonder.
Bread Launcher
WMW Collectible Bread Launcher.png
"With this mechanical contraption, Swampy is sure to have the upper hand at the next sewer food fight!" Can be found in level 9-9, Stop and Drop.
Bonus Level: Donuts
Domino the Fragile Dog
WMW Collectible Domino the Fragile Dog.png
"Swampy loves to pet Domino, but he makes sure to not pet him too hard - he doesn't want a repeat of what happened to Giraldo the Fragile Giraffe!" Can be found in level 9-11, Rainmaker.
Party Horn
WMW Collectible Party Horn.png
"If a party happens, but no one sounds the party horn, did the party really happen?" Can be found in level 9-16, Steam Splitter.
Day of Cake Hat
WMW Collectible Day of Cake Hat.png
"Once a year, Swampy gets to wear this hat, which entitles him to as much cake as he can eat!" Can be found in level 9-20, Full of Hot Air.
Bonus Level: Two Way Streams
Out to Dry
Collectible Description Found In
Squishy Fishy
WMW Collectible Squishy Fishy.png
"Squishy Fishy is so squishy, but what are these - OUCH!" Can be found in level 10-3, Cut and Dry.
Snout Guard
WMW Collectible Snout Guard.png
"Bicycle riding will be way more fun without having to worry about swallowing bugs!" Can be found in level 10-6, Muddy Journey.
Tail Floatation Device
WMW Collectible Tail Floatation Device.png
"With this mechanical contraption, Swampy is sure to have the upper hand at the next sewer food fight!" Can be found in level 10-8, Can You Dig It?.
Bonus Level: Full of Mud
WMW Collectible Double-scope.png
"Twice the sight! But still nothing to see in the sewer..." Can be found in level 10-12, Make a Ramp.
Twisted Time Teller
WMW Collectible Twisted Time Teller.png
"It's a stylish pocket watch, but why does the time change whenever you move?" Can be found in level 10-14, Misty Mud.
Portable Campfire
WMW Collectible Portable Campfire.png
"Great for light, terrible for s'mores." Can be found in level 10-17, Landfill.
Bonus Level: Dirt Divert



Collection Clean Spoon.png

  • On this site here a "clean" version of the Spoon-apualt can be found. Unused textures for Cranky's Food Groups can also be found.
  • The player can access two secret levels via the Collectibles screen, Good Morning and Ups and Downs. To access Good Morning, the player must scroll all the way down to the bottom of the screen and tap the sun carving in the wood. To access Ups and Downs, the player must scroll all the way up and tap the carving of arrows in the wall.