A collectible is a item that can be found in levels of Swampy's Story. They can usually be found hidden behind dirt and can be uncovered by removing the dirt. When a player finds a collectible, it is stored on the collection screen, where the player can read about the collectible. Collectibles can also be used to unlock bonus levels. When a player fills up a row on the collection screen by collecting the three corresponding collectibles, a bonus level is unlocked.

List of collectibles

As of Out to Dry, there are currently 60 collectibles in the game.
Collection Meet Swampy

Meet Swampy

  • Shiny Scale Shampoo - In the paid version, can be found in level 1-7, Drain It First. In the free version, can be found in Level 1-4, You Need A New Plumber. "Swampy's favorite brand of shampoo! Nothing leaves his scales feeling healthier. Dermatologist approved!"
  • Suds-a-Lot Soap - In the paid version, can be found in level 1-10, Split Decision. In the free version, can be found in level 1-6, Crack the Code. "At first Swampy thought this was bubblegum, but when his mouth overflowed with bubbles, he figured out it was soap."
  • Lucky Loofah - In the paid version, can be found in level 1-12, Divide & Conquer. In the free version, can be found in level 1-9, Blast Off. "Swampy is not a superstitious gator. But this loofah... is definitely lucky."
  • Toothbrush - Can be found in level 1-14, Loop the Loop. "Despite his quizzical nature, Swampy has yet to discover why this is called a toothbrush and not a teethbrush."
  • Minty Icing - Can be found in level 1-16, Three Scoops. "Swampy decorated some cupcakes with this icing, but yikes! That's a lot of mint!"
  • Finicky Floss - Can be found in level 1-19, Seesaw. "While important to one's overall hygiene, flossing is somewhat useless for Swampy since his teeth are so far apart from each other!"
Collection Troubled Waters

Troubled Waters

  • Lazy Flipper - Can be found in level 2-4, Long Journey. "Even though gators have webbed feet, sometimes Swampy likes to kick back and let this flipper do all the work."
  • Nessie - Can be found in level 2-8, One Stream. "Swampy likes to pretend Nessie was part of a high flying circus troupe! Nessie was the manager."
  • Reading Goggles - Can be found in level 2-10, Make a Wave. "Have you ever tried reading a book underwater? Take it from Swampy - reading goggles make it a breeze!"
  • Party Hat - Can be found in level 2-14, Mind the Gap. "Swampy found this hat just in time for his annual costume party! This costume is totally going to top last year's cowboy costume."
  • Life Preserver - Can be found in level 2-15, Boomerang. "Life preservers always make Swampy wonder: what if there was a boat made of jelly?"
  • Scope - Can be found in level 2-20, Half and Half. "This telescope can see over 10 miles away! Unfortunately for Swampy, he's in a sewer. So there's nowhere to look 10 miles away."
Collection Under Pressure

Under Pressure

  • Picnic Basket - Can be found in level 3-3, Ooze Fall. "A huge basket made for two! Which means Swampy has to eat two helpings..."
  • Talk Box - Can be found in level 3-5, Bomb Chain. "Stay tuned for Swampy's favorite radio drama, Curse of the Algae Beards! Tonight's episode - 'Shear First, Cut Later'."
  • Sugary Soap - Can be found in level 3-8, Let's Play Catch. "Despite being incredibly bubbly, this is the stickiest soap Swampy has ever used."
  • Spoon-apault - Can be found in level 3-12, Bomb It Up! "Best. Catapault. Ever."
  • Chip - Can be found in level 3-15, Going Down? "Swampy knows it's just a teacup, but this little guy is so cute! Swampy nick-named this cup Chip."
  • Momma Teapot - Can be found in level 3-18, Untimely Growth. "Since Swampy already named the cup, he decided the teapot needed a name too! Something motherly... like Potty McPotister!"
Collection Sink or Swim

Sink or Swim

  • Bow - Can be found in level 4-1, Logic Gates. "A perfect bow! Now he just needs someone to give it to..."
  • Back Scratcher - Can be found in level 4-4, Bridge Builder. "If Swampy had hair, this brush would be super useful. But, Swampy is quite hairless, so he just uses it to scratch his back."
  • Poetry Perfume - Can be found in level 4-9, Curse of the Algae Beard. "Hark! O sacred scent! Like spring flowers in new bloom. So bright, so vivid!"
  • Heart Shaped Box - Can be found in level 4-15, Figure Eight. "Swampy found this cool box with a bunch of little compartments inside. Hello, bead collection!"
  • Rose - Can be found in level 4-17, The Grid. "This one time, Swampy had a dream this rose had put him under a spell. But then he woke up."
  • Teddy Bear - Can be found in level 4-20, Rinse Cycle. "While cuddly and cute on the outside, Swampy knows this teddy bear is a rebel at heart. So Swampy uses this teddy as a stunt double."
Collection Change is Good

Change is Good

  • Big Apple - Can be found in level 5-2, Recycling Works. "Swampy finally found the 'Big Apple' everyone keeps talking about - but it's so little!"
  • Artistic Woman - Can be found in level 5-5, Bottleneck. "Though Swampy's knowledge of art history is rudimentary, he'd take the liberty to describe this statue as colossally neoclassical."
  • Tiny Taxi - Can be found in level 5-8, One Way Street. "Swampy has heard of clown cars before, but this is ridiculous. How is anybody supposed to fit inside this taxi?!"
  • Gyration Junkie - Can be found in level 5-12, Scaffolding. "Never one to turn down a challenge, Swampy accepted a dance off with this little lady. Needless to say, she won."
  • Multipurpose Hat - Can be found in level 5-14, Double Dipping. "This hat is perfect for any occasion - dinner parties, a stroll in the park, even steam boating!"
  • Scooter Penrose - Can be found in level 5-17, Pick Your Poison. "Scooter Penrose is Swampy's longtime friend, though this kitty cat's identity must remain hidden behind nose and glasses."
Collection Boiling Point

Boiling Point

  • The Glider - Can be found in level 6-2, Steam Cleaning. "Swampy no longer worries about his Rubber Ducky getting around - the Glider is the smoothest ride this side of the surface."
  • Claw Cleaners - Can be found in level 6-4, Rise and Fall. "Dirty claws are such a thing of the past! Just pull this over your hand, give it a little rub, and voilà! Instantly clean claws!"
  • Hypothesis Hat - Can be found in level 6-8, Through the Bridge. "Swampy has always wondered what it would feel like to have big, floppy ears. Mystery solved - it feels warm!"
  • Water Cloth - Can be found in level 6-12, Revolving Door. "This cloth must have water inside - it shimmers, it's slippery, and it feels so smooth!"
  • Golden Locks - Can be found in level 6-15, Ventilation Shaft. "Even as a creature without hair, Swampy knows a good wig when he sees one. Music videos aren't going to make themselves!"
  • All Terrain Marker - Can be found in level 6-19, Through and Through. "Swampy has yet to find a surface this marker can't write on: dirt, ice, even alligator skin!"
Collection Stretched Thin

Stretched Thin

  • Time Traveling Hat - Can be found in level 7-4, Balloon Bridge. "Whatever time period this hat is from, people certainly have some wacky outfits. What's next, self-tying shoes?"
  • Cone of Authority - Can be found in level 7-6, Down the Hatch. "When Swampy talks through this cone, alligators listen."
  • Plot Device - Can be found in level 7-10, Mirror Image. "This flashlight is great for boring campfire stories - turning it on instantly makes every story ten times more exciting!"
  • One Man Band - Can be found in level 7-14, Pipe Organ. "Swampy is living proof that drummers can be the lead singer in a band."
  • Good Morning Machine - Can be found in level 7-16, Be Careful Burning Bridges. "Until this handy device came along, Swampy had a serious 'neighbors sleeping on his porch all day long' problem. Not anymore!"
  • Heartbreak Accelerator - Can be found in level 7-20, Balloon Gauntlet. "Whenever Swampy feels down, this instrument only seems to make things worse. Why does it always sound so sad?"
Collection Caution to the Wind

Caution to the Wind

  • Polka Dot Stamp - Can be found in level 8-3, Updraft. "After years of puzzling, Swampy has finally figured out how to make a polka dot pattern - a little paint and the bottom of this stamp!"
  • Soup Bowl - Can be found in level 8-5, On and Off. "The rumors were true - this bowl really is super! It even has a handle!"
  • Hand Flipper - Can be found in level 8-8, Wind Power. "Webbed feet are so last Spring - with this puppy you can have webbed hands!"
  • Rotisserie Rotators - Can be found in level 8-11, Freefallin'. "Neighborhood cookouts have gotten a whole lot easier with these skewers... even though you can only cook one piece at a time."
  • Figurine Head - Can be found in level 8-14, Ice Pit. "Swampy can't stop imagining what the rest of this action figure looks like. His favorite so far is a robot with horse heads for arms!"
  • Pandora's Box - Can be found in level 8-17, Headwind. "Swampy would be nervous about opening Pandora's Box, but he can't seem to find any way to open it."
Collection Rising Tide

Rising Tide

  • Lazy Music Box - Can be found in level 9-2, Mix it UP! "Swampy loves the ringing song his music box plays, but why does it only work twice a day?"
  • Magnet Carrying Case - Can be found in level 9-4, One Shot Wonder. "With this handy holder, Swampy can finally display his extensive magnet collection!"
  • Bread Launcher - Can be found in level 9-9, Stop and Drop. "With this mechanical contraption, Swampy is sure to have the upper hand at the next sewer food fight!"
  • Domino the Fragile Dog - Can be found in level 9-11, Rainmaker. "Swampy loves to pet Domino, but he makes sure to not pet him too hard - he doesn't want a repeat of what happened to Giraldo the Fragile Giraffe!"
  • Party Horn - Can be found in level 9-16, Steam Splitter. "If a party happens, but no one sounds the party horn, did the party really happen?"
  • Day of Cake Hat - Can be found in level 9-20, Full of Hot Air. "Once a year, Swampy gets to wear this hat, which entitles him to as much cake as he can eat!"
Collection Out to Dry

Out to Dry

  • Squishy Fishy - Can be found in level 10-3, Cut and Dry. "Squishy Fishy is so squishy, but what are these - OUCH!"
  • Snout Guard - Can be found in level 10-6, Muddy Journey. "Bicycle riding will be way more fun without having to worry about swallowing bugs!"
  • Tail Floatation Device - Can be found in level 10-8, Can You Dig It? "Now Swampy can go swimming AND keep his tail dry!"
  • Double-scope - Can be found in level 10-12, Make a Ramp. "Twice the sight! But still nothing to see in the sewer..."
  • Twisted Time Teller - Can be found in level 10-14, Misty Mud. "It's a stylish pocket watch, but why does the time change whenever you move?"
  • Portable Campfire - Can be found in level 10-17, Landfill. "Great for light, terrible for s'mores."
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