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Clouds are an Object in Where's My Mickey? first appearing in When Life Gives You Lemons.


  • Clouds are an Object that float in empty space that can be used to contain and transport Water.
  • Clouds are "filled" when Water hits a Cloud. As the Water does so, the cloud becomes darker and begins to fill up. A Cloud has a maximum compacity that it can hold, which varies between clouds.
  • Clouds can be tapped to release Water. As Water is released, the Cloud becomes lighter until it is empty.
  • Wind and Vacuums can move Clouds around.
    • Cloud that are sucked into a Vacuum are released out of the other end of the Vacuum.
  • Clouds can be split when they hit Materials or other Objects while being moved by Wind and Vacuums.
    • Clouds can be joined together by wind too.
  • Fizzle corrodes one "part" of a Cloud, while also corroding any Water that occupies the same "part".


Description Sound
Cloud Empties
Dry Cloud tries to Empty