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Change is Good (episode)
Episode 3
Airdate November 2, 2012
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Change is Good is the third episode of Where's My Water: Swampy's Underground Adventures.


The episode starts with Swampy raking garbage outside his house. However Cranky is tossing more garbage, which frustrates Swampy. The two get angry at each other, and the scene changes. Swampy decides to give out brooms to promote cleanliness, however the other alligators are attracted more to Cranky's garbage. In another scene, a lady alligator gives Swampy an egg. The other alligators are more interested in Cranky holding his garbage however, not even looking when Swampy's egg hatches. In the next scene Swampy is cleaning the walls and Cranky is making them dirty again. The alligators cheer on for Cranky, but Swampy has had enough.

A debate starts, and Swampy is up against Cranky. Ultimately, everyone agrees with Cranky, and almost no one agrees with Swampy - save for Karl, who clueless-ly supports both sides. To celebrate his victory, Cranky releases a bunch of garbage bags making a whole mess of garbage, but the alligators regret their decision, as flies get attracted to the garbage and start buzzing everywhere. Swampy decides to fix this problem by getting the others to clean up this garbage and capture the flies. Everything works out in the end. and the episode ends with Swampy and Cranky shaking hands - having abandoned their former stances in favor of a new group opposing flies - and the rubber duck takes a picture of them.

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