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Change is Good is the fifth chapter of Swampy's Story. The previous chapter is Sink or Swim and the next is Boiling Point.


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Don't Fear the Poison.jpeg Recycling Works.jpeg Ouch, My Eye!.jpeg Test Tube.jpeg Bottleneck.jpg
Don't Fear the Poison Recycling Works Ouch, My Eye! Test Tube Bottleneck
Clear and Shoot.jpeg Double Launch.jpeg One Way Street.jpg It Takes Two.jpeg Blast Miner.jpeg
Clear and Shoot Double Launch One Way Street It Takes Two Blast Miner
Catch 'em All!.jpeg Scaffolding.jpeg Get on the Train.jpeg Double Dipping.jpeg Water Gate.jpeg
Catch 'em All! Scaffolding Get on the Train Double Dipping Water Gate
Ooze is Alright.jpeg Pick Your Poison.jpg Across the Bridge.jpeg The Pot Boileth Over.jpeg Swiss Army Knife.jpeg
Ooze is Alright Pick Your Poison Across the Bridge The Pot Boileth Over Swiss Army Knife

Bonus Levels

Onion Peel.jpeg Never Let You Go.jpeg
Onion Peel Never Let You Go



  • This is the first chapter to be added in an update.
    • Furthermore, the ending cutscene in Sink or Swim was removed in the same update.