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Bombs are an object in Where's My Water? 2, first appearing in Beach.


  • Bombs are activated by Fluids or Balloons.
  • When activated, the bomb explodes within a couple of seconds.
  • Bombs can kill Ducks and destroy Rock and Dirt.
  • Bombs can also destroy Algae, Hot Coals and Icicles.
  • If multiple Bombs are within a close enough radius, a chain reaction can occur.  

Character Reactions


Description Sound
Bomb Activates and Explodes
Bomb Explodes Only (Due to Chain Reaction)


  • Each Character reacts in their own way to a Bomb explosion when they're fearful and scared.
    • Swampy gets out his umbrella and his tail will "zig-zag", similar to that in the orignal game.
    • Allie gets scared and puts her hand on her chest and her tail curls upward. Her reaction to bombs is more fearful.
    • Cranky will cover his head and his tail will straighten out, he will slur gibberish. Ironically compared to the original game, Cranky does not fear bombs.
  • When a bomb is activated, Swampy will pull out his umbrella. But the larger gators do not react until a bomb has exploded.