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Bombs are an object in Where's My Water?, first appearing in Under Pressure.


  • Bombs are activated by Fluids or Balloons.
  • When activated, the bomb explodes within a couple of seconds.
  • Bombs can kill Ducks and destroy Rock and Dirt.
  • Bombs can also destroy Algae, Hot Coals and Icicles.
  • If multiple Bombs are within a close enough radius, a chain reaction can occur.

Character Reactions


Description Sound
Bomb Activates and Explodes
Bomb Explodes Only (Due to Chain Reaction)


  • Both Swampy and Allie get scared over bomb explosions, Swampy will take out his umbrella and hide under it while Allie will duck her head and scream when a bomb goes off.
    • Cranky on the other hand laughs when a bomb goes off and thus he does not fear them.
  • The bomb was not originally in the chapters Caution to the Wind, Rising Tide, Out to Dry, Warming Up, and Tuning In. Old levels from Levels of the Week would replace those levels.
  • When a bomb is activated Swampy will take out his umbrella and Allie will duck her head. Cranky on the other hand does not react until it explodes.