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For the chapter and the level with the same name, see Boiling Point and Boiling Point (Perry's Story).
Boiling Point (episode)
Episode 10
Airdate January 4, 2013
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Boiling Point is the tenth episode of Where's My Water: Swampy's Underground Adventures.


The episode starts with Swampy fishing, as he spots a silver, shiny balloon floating his way. In shock, he runs after the balloon as it floats away. It ventures into another part of the sewer, where Allie, Cranky, and friends are. They spot the balloon and are confused as to what it is. Swampy runs over and warns the gators. He shows them his theory of how he thinks that the balloon is a UFO. The gators agree with him, but Swampy gets an idea.

The gators start trying to teach the "UFO" their ways of life. While doing this, a fan blows the "UFO" and it starts heading away from them. Swampy catches it in a bicycle basket, but the other alligators start chasing him. The "UFO" helps Swampy fly away to safety, going out of the sewer and into the dump, just like the movie E.T. until it pops out of the basket, causing him to fall but land safely on a bicycle seat. The other alligators find him, only to see that the balloon has gone away, into the sky. They all say their goodbyes and head back to the sewer, but at that moment, Karl sees a real UFO, and it sucks up the balloon. He tries to show them, but they've already left. The episode then ends.

Main Characters in the Plot


  • This is the second time the alligators leave the sewer.
  • When Swampy flies near the moon with the basket, it is a reference to E.T.