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The Beach is the third location in Where's My Water? 2. The previous location is the Soap Factory and the next is the Bayou.


WMW2 Fluid Ooze.png WMW2 Hot Coals.png Bomb.png
Ooze Hot Coals Bomb

List of Levels 

Corrode to Nowhere.jpg Running Interference.jpg Start With a Bang.jpg Fun Run.jpg Botanical Hardens.jpg
Corrode to Nowhere Running Interference Start With a Bang Fun Run Botanical Hardens
Hot and Coaled.jpg Fire Extinguisher.jpg Patch the Roof.jpg Coal Rush.jpg Beach Bum.jpg
Hot and Coaled Fire Extinguisher Patch the Roof Coal Rush Beach Bum
Angry When Wet.jpg We Have Liftoff.jpg Follow the Ooze.jpg Out to Launch.jpg Gotta Get Down to Get Up.jpg
Angry When Wet We Have Liftoff Follow the Ooze Out to Launch Gotta Get Down to Get Up
Air Traffic Controller.jpg Up Up and Away!.jpg Petrified of Bombs.jpg Meltdown WMW2.jpg Lose the Ooze.jpg
Air Traffic Controller Up Up and Away! Petrified of Bombs Meltdown Lose the Ooze



  • This is the first location that requires Keys to be unlocked.
  • If the player taps Swampy, he will giggle.
  • If the player taps Allie, she will play her ukulele.
  • If the player taps Cranky, he puts on his sunglasses and will do a pose.