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The Bayou is the fourth location in Where's My Water? 2. The previous location is the Beach and the next is the Woods.


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Slider Fan

List of Levels

Sliding Doors.jpg Trapdoors.jpg Right Up Your Allie.jpg Down the Hatches.jpg Slide Splitting Headache.jpg
Sliding Doors Trapdoors Right Up Your Allie Down the Hatches Slide Splitting Headache
Catch Some Air.jpg Hydroelectric Fan.jpg Blowing Hot Air.jpg Full Circle.jpg Storm Shutters.jpg
Catch Some Air Hydroelectric Fan Blowing Hot Air Full Circle Storm Shutters
Power Up!.jpg Spin Cycle.jpg Blow It Up, Blow It Down.jpg Wind-ersection.jpg Swampboat.jpg
Power Up! Spin Cycle Blow It Up, Blow It Down Wind-ersection Swampboat
Break Down the Walls.jpg Winds of Change (WMW2).jpg For the Wind.jpg It's a Trap!.jpg Escort Mission.jpg
Break Down the Walls Winds of Change For the Wind It's a Trap! Escort Mission
Air Force Water.jpg Case of the Vapors.jpg Blow the Roof Off.jpg Steam Roller.jpg Hovercraft.jpg
Air Force Water Case of the Vapors Blow the Roof Off Steam Roller Hovercraft



  • The Bayou is the location that contains the most amount of levels.
  • If the player taps Swampy, he will look around with a telescope.
  • If the player taps Allie, she will write on a piece of paper with a quill.
  • If the player taps Cranky he will hold a lantern and look around.