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Balloons are an object in Where's My Water? first appearing in Stretched Thin.


  • Balloons are an object which can hold any Fluid, with the exception of Ooze.
  • Balloons can be summoned in at a small or large size when a level starts, or can be filled up to a larger size when attached to a pipe.
  • When Balloons hold their maximum capacity, they can hold more than enough of the required fluid to tri-duck a level.
  • Balloons fall or float at varied speeds depending on their weight.
  • Balloons look different depending on their contents:
    • Water: Blank Balloon
    • Poison Water: Skull Symbol
    • Steam: Steam Whisp
    • Mud: Mud Splatter
      • If the Balloon contains both Steam in addition to Water, Poison Water or Mud, the symbols will appear in the following priority: Poison Water/Mud, Steam, Water.
  • Balloons pop when they hit Icicles, Hot Coals, Thorns, or Ooze.
  • Balloons can activate Bombs and can be popped by Bombs.
  • In some circumstances, they can be crushed by Platforms and Sliders.


Description Sound
Balloon is filled with Water or Poison Water
Balloon is filled with Steam
Balloon is Popped
Water or Poison Water is Released
Steam is Released