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An Agent I Can Trust is the first chapter of Perry's Story. It was released on June 27, 2012. The next mission is A Thousand Times Over.


WMP Fluid Water.png WMP Fluid Steam.png WMP Pipe Drain Nozzle.png WMP Celebrate-inator.png WMP Heatinator On.png WMP Switch Circle On.png WMP Platform Circle On.png
Water Steam Pipes Celebrate-inator Heatinator Switch Platform


Power to the Tube.jpg Around the Rock (Perry).jpg Unification Day.jpg Out to Launch (Perry).jpg
Power to the Tube Around the Rock Unification Day Out to Launch
Fruity Rainbow Flakes.jpg Behold The Celebrate-inator!.jpg Over the Top.jpg Behold The Heatinator.jpg
Fruity Rainbow Flakes Behold: The Celebrate-inator! Over the Top Behold: The Heatinator
Steam Stream.jpg Warning Lasers Convert Water.jpg Mysterious Force.jpg Lawn Gnome Beach Party of Terror.jpg
Steam Stream Warning: Lasers Convert Water Mysterious Force Lawn Gnome Beach Party of Terror
Swimming Up Steam.jpg Steamed Up.jpg Pool Party.jpg Tripwire.jpg
Swimming Up Steam Steamed Up Pool Party Tripwire
Rainy Day.jpg Sideways.jpg Block Party.jpg Trip the Lights Fantastic.jpg
Rainy Day Sideways Block Party Trip the Lights Fantastic

Bonus Levels

Dig, Balloony, Dig!.jpg Steampunked.jpg
Dig, Balloony, Dig! Steampunked

Ending Cutscene (unlocked after Level 1-20)

Perry lands in the seat, facing the screen. Major Monogram suspiciously faces away from him, but realizes that ‘someone (he) can completely trust’ has come in. Then he turns his face towards him, revealing a longer moustache reaching up to his sideburns, and asked him if it makes his head look square. Carl then enters with a stereotypical moustache too, asking if it makes him look competent. Perry jumps off his seat and walks off.