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Allie Duck are the variation of ducks used in Allie levels.


  • Allie Ducks are found in Allie levels. A total of three appear in each level.
  • A player is not required to collect any Allie Ducks in order to move onto the next level, however, a certain number of Allie Ducks are required to unlock other chapters within Allie's Story unless the player uses the Locksmith Duck.
  • Allie Ducks require five drops of Steam to be collected. All other Fluids, except Water will kill the duck.


  • While full, Allie Ducks have a light blue color with an orange beak, white eyes and a purple eye shadow.
  • When empty, the duck is lavender with a lighter beak and white eyes.


Description Sound
Allie Duck is Collected
Allie Duck is Filled
Allie Duck is Killed


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  • A total of 264 Allie Ducks can be found in Allie's Story. A total of 240 of these come from normal levels, while the remaining 24 come from Bonus Levels. Hidden Levels do not count towards this.
  • According to Vincent Perea and before the release of Allie's Story, Allie Ducks where known as "Steam Ducks". These ducks are white with three curls and the lack of eyelashes and purple eye shadow. It has a similar design to a Swampy Duck. These ducks can still be accessed with hacks and were purple when empty.
  • Some elements of Allie can be seen on the duck, such as the purple eyeshadow and the two eyelashes.
  • Allie Ducks are blue (when full), which represents serenity (calmness or peace), just like Allie herself.
  • Interestingly, Allie Ducks are the only Ducks to not be killed by a fluid (water) that fails their owners' level.