WMW2 Allie

Allie is a light green anthropomorphic alligator and character in Where's My Water? 2.


Allie is a musically gifted alligator and she likes to play her steam powered organ, she can also play a flute, trumpet and ukulele flawlessly. She finds many items unique and loves to explore them. She is charming and sweet toward both Swampy and Cranky (mostly Swampy), even if Cranky spews watermelon over her head, as seen in the main menu.


Allie is virtually identical to her original counterpart, the only difference is that she is slightly darker and and a shadow like line that runs from her chin to the base of her tail. Allie takes on the appearance of an anthropomorphic, slender, light green alligator that walks on two legs making her slightly taller than Swampy but shorter than Cranky. She is easily recognized by her purple bow on her head as well as a purple choker on her neck. Allie also has purple claws, pointy scales and toes. She also has purple eyeshadow with two eyelashes. Allie has four teeth, two on each side (sometimes two on the right and one on the left), three spots on each leg and two faint stripes on her tail. Her chest is yellowish green resembling that of a dress. Her "S" shaped tail look's a lot like Swampy, except its longer and has a ball like tip at the end. Just like all the Alligators in the sewer, Allie has four fingers and two toes.




  • It's possible her full name (Allie Gator) could actually be a pun of "Alligator", which makes sense being that she is one.
  • Allie is well known for her distinctive hum that sounds like a "Yoo hoo" only heard when completing a level.
  • Despite having no hair, Allie tends to comb her bow as seen in the trailer. 
  • On some occasions when playing an Allie level, Allie will sing the Where's My Water? theme song.
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