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"A pretty lady alligator who at first doesn't understand Swampy's human-like quirks. Over time she starts to see him as charming and sweet, the opposite of macho and stubborn Cranky." - Where's My Water? official website

Allie is a light green anthropomorphic alligator and character in Where's My Water?. Allie is the only female alligator to inhabit the the sewers.


Initially Allie was much like the other alligators- she was rude, aggressive and unkind. Being the only female, it is no surprise that Allie used to be Cranky's girlfriend. In spite of their relationship, Allie shares his traits and gets rather annoyed by Cranky's rude and abrasive nature. The other alligators led her an example of how to act toward "outcasts" [1].

It didn't take her long to understand Swampy's way of life. After Swampy gave her a purple bow [2], she started to understand Swampy's human quirks and becomes charming and sweet, much like Swampy himself. After this, Allie turned around on Cranky and soon became Swampy's girlfriend. This angers Cranky which prompts him to make several attempts to sabotage their romance. Thanks to Allie's quick thinking, he ultimately fails.

She is very gifted at music, and has great skill at playing her steam organ. It has a tendency to malfunction, where she can be seen to be impatient and even lets out her anger on to it time to time. She is known to collect musical instruments, and groups them into many categories [3].


Allie takes on the appearance of an anthropomorphic, slender, light green alligator that walks on two legs making her slightly taller than Swampy but shorter than Cranky. She is easily recognized by her purple bow on her head as well as a purple choker on her neck. Allie also has purple claws, pointy scales and toes. She also has purple eyeshadow with two eyelashes.

Allie has four teeth, two on each side (sometimes two on the right and one on the left), three spots on each leg and two faint stripes on her tail. Her belly is yellowish green with a distinctive hourglass shape resembling that of a dress. Her "S" shaped tail is similar to that of Swampy's, except it's longer and has a ball-like tip at the end. Just like all the Alligators in the sewer, Allie has four fingers and two toes.



Description Sound
Angry (Fail)
Examining Claws
Completing Level
Playing "Guitar"
Playing Maracas
Inhaling Poison Water
Scared (Bomb)


  • Allie has a distinctive giggle and tends to hum a lot, her most noticeable vocalization is her distinctive "Yoo hoo" hum.
  • Her voice is very high pitch and somewhat "ear piercing".
  • It's possible her full name (Allie Gator) could actually be a pun of "Alligator", which makes sense being that she is one.
  • Some fans predicted that her story might involve using Ooze, as Swampy used Water, and Cranky used Poison Water but no one used Mud, though it's not clear how Mud would effectively be used. It was confirmed, however, that Allie's Story actually uses Steam, not Ooze.
    • Ironically, "Where's My Perry?" technically used this concept first.
  • As shown in Allie's Story she has a passion for music.
  • She seems to resemble a caiman.
  • Allie is voiced by Rebecca Metz
  • When failing a level with Ooze, the animation is the same as the standard one.
  • Unlike Swampy and Cranky, Allie first appeared in the second cutscene of the game.
  • She only has one idle in her level select screen due.