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Allie's Story is the second story in Where's My Water?. Allie's Story is an optional In-App Purchase that has four chapter and challenges. In this story, the player must help Allie with her broken organ. Allie is the sewer's most creative and talented alligator. Unfortunately, the Other alligators have broken the steam pipe line to her Piano. Now the player must help Allie by guiding the gravity deifying steam to Allie's Piano by using all their puzzle-solving skills, and their finger! The pack cost USD 1.99. The next story is Cranky's Story.

The player can try the first five levels of her pack for free.


Chapter Warming Up.png Chapter Tuning In.png Chapter Rising to the Top.png Chapter Symphony in Steam.png
Warming Up Tuning In Rising to
the Top
Symphony in



  • Allie is the main character in this story.
  • None of the levels in Allie's Story are scrollable/ extra long.
  • Allie will bang on the keys if you fail the level.
  • Allie will also giggle, shake her maracas hum in a distinctive "Yoo-Hoo" when she is waiting to long.
  • She even encourages the player by clapping her hands telling the player to not give up.
  • When completing a level, Allie will congratulate the player by dancing.
  • When failing a level, Allie can be seen as impatient towards it by banging on one of the keys.
  • After completing a level, Steam will cover the screen showing Allie's silhouette and her instrument playing a few songs
  • Other Characters like Swampy and Cranky only appear in the Cutscenes.
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